Fashion with a cause

I have a friend who's very generous and keeps sending me gift. Well, I cannot help it, I'm so charming and lovable. It's not my fault, is it? lol.

So I believe with conviction and not even any slight trace of doubt that I was born, a mutant. And "charm" is my mutant power, I'm supposed to add "luck" but it looks like I'm running out lately. I used to be very lucky, you know (lol). But then again maybe it was the charm that was actually working and not really the luck. So yeah, I guess I'm okay with just the charm and all, lol.

Most of my friends (er the ladies, the men are obviously more of a dick, lol) are really sweet and thoughtful. Oftentimes the sweetness and thoughtfulness are converted into generosity, and who would I to deny such gesture. Ofcourse I won't complain even if it does looks like I'm a bloody charitable institution, haha.

Okay, don't be a dick but sometimes you need to give back. Excuse me, are you really that parasite by loving to be always on the receiving end? Oh come on, leech!

Sure, you are not required to return the favor but atleast go get yourself some manners - if you know what I mean. And, I am always the person who has this Sheldon Cooper Syndrome (#TheBigBangTheory) sort of. He hates Christmas simply because he don't want to be indebted with someone. And you know Christmas, it's a gift giving season. So regardless it's another scented candle, another mug or another baked cookies, haha. Still a gift from the heart, lol.

Now, this friend who always give me presents - may it be in kind, a juicy news about a life of a new mommie, the person who annoys her or another pick up lines that we usually shared, everyday. Er, this while we both running an errands, lol.

Me being in my shift at work (lol) and she more likely baking another ordered cakes ("Pastries and Cakes" is among the many of her businesses, lol) while babysitting her 4 month old baby.

And because she's really a sweetheart and Mommy's Day is nearing, so I wanted to give her something she can use everyday. Something that is usually used but don't usually looks like the usual (ano daw?). Did you get it? Er, I'm sorry - can't get it either, lol.

She's a Kikay so might as well give her a bag where she can put altogether her kikay kits, gadgets and ofcourse the baby formula, lol. And since she's in another part of the world, I want something with a Pinoy touch and as if luck is with me, or maybe charm is with me (lol). I have received an email from an online site. It displays bag, I get interested because it says, it made from Pinoy fabric and designed by some famous Pinoy designers and the most that excites me. The people behind the actual production are the poor women from Payatas.

And you know me how much I cared about these kind of people. Only if I have millions, I'm sure I'll be giving them everyday. Actually, I'm planning to wander in some of the squatter areas or just in the streets and find some possible kids, I can send to school. Grade school ain't that expensive, is it? And for sure I am not sending them to Brent or IS, lol.

The site is called R2R ( A for-profit social enterprise that creates eco-ethical fashion from a cycled scrap cloth, organic materials and indigenous fabrics. Teamed with some well known designers the likes of Rajo Laurel and Amina Aranaz-Alunan who supervised closely with the artisans, mostly women from different poor communities.

In short, I was convinced. I ordered and the service is excellent unlike the fucking Globe Telecom service who sucks big fucking time. I placed the order on 1st of May, the good thing there are a lot of payment options, so I opted to credit card. Since COD is not available for one item purchased, in order to be eligible you need atleast 3 items. As much as possible, I want the COD because it's my first time order, so if this is a hoax, still I'm protected because I'm only to pay when items arrived at my doorsteps.

But then again, it looks like a credible one and I can always sue Rajo if this site is indeed a hoax, lol. So, the picture above is the one I have ordered. The color is her favorite and it's the last one. So nevertheless my luck still working, eh. It's a Hobo in knitted cotton basket weave with braided leather strap and T'nalak accent. Pandan (Banig) basket weave base. Cotton lining with interior zip, wall and cell phone pockets.

The item was delivered yesterday.

Hey, I got your bag now, I hope you like it. I know this is not much but anyhow accept my little way of appreciation for the great friendship.


I just read this entry! You're unbelievable! You really didn't have to give back. But since I am a kikay mommy I will not refuse the gift, thank you for the mommy day's gift... For honoring and appreciating our years of friendship. May you be blessed a thousand folds in return for your big heart :) thanks so much! worries and likewise. and thanks for such a good friend:)