I have everything!

Oho, lower the eyebrows now! I just overheard it. It wasn't from me okay (defensive?), lol.

Jeeez, what were you thinking? You're Bella Flores or Lucita Soriano?

"You’re nothing but a second-rate, trying hard copycat!". Uh hello, Ms. Cherie Gil, how's your star? Shining brightly, I can see that. LOL.

Okay, here's the catch.

I had a conversation with a friend, last weekend and while in the middle of telling each stories, I remember his birthday is coming. He will be turning 25 on May 15. So I asked him.

Me: Hey, your birthday is coming.
Friend: Yeah!
Me: Do you have a birthday wishlist?
Me: ...stunned.

After a minute or two, I came back from my senses. "Whoa! Ikaw na ang meron lahat(Whoa, good for you for having everything)".

I was surprised with his answer. I mean, in a world where poverty is our biggest problem and in a society where we traded luxury and material things to be our God yet there is someone who is contented with his life.

Well, he came from a middle class family and while its not considered wealthy but definitely not poor. I'm mean, middle class families are usually the people mostly occupied the posh luxury clubs, saloons and boutiques (the pasosyal).

I was shocked, yes but admires him. I wish I am like him. I wish I know how to be contented with what I have.

Yeah, like everyone else (oh come on be true) I'm not contented with my life - with what I have now. I see the new model of Samsung, the Galaxy S4 and I am thinking of having one despite the fact that I don't really need it. I mean, how materialistic can we really be?

I was never the same again after that conversation. He inspires me and those four words - are keep echoing my senses. I know, I can say that words with conviction too. In time, lol.

Me: Well don't forget to share part of YOUR everything on your birthday, huh!
Friend: Uhm, like I ever celebrated my birthday, eh.
Me: WTF!
Me: Whatever! Advanced happy birthday and I hope you keep that everything with you, lol.
Friend: Thanks.. and sure, I will. **while grinning**.

How about you? Are you contented with what you have now? Or just like me.. still finding the pieces to complete my everything, lol.