I'm ready to vote

I am putting the names of those who made it to my prestigious senatorial list (It's a privilege you're on it, you know).

Just wanted to make sure I have the correct names before going to my precinct. Hey, what's wrong with being a responsible citizen of this wretched country, eh? You should be glad there's one (ako na, lol).

Also, I want to influence my readers, lol.

Initially, I only want to vote for Dick Gordon. I mean the guy is a proven public servant. He maybe a dick (lol) to ever work with but hey, he wants a quality output. Oh come on now - never mind with the temper and tantrums it's for the good of our country, you see lol.

Gordon is so very me when it comes to work attitude. I am the person who will shriek (with stinging words) non-stop if that's the only way to give you the brain to provide a quality and speedy output. And for that I am voting for him and mind you, he's my Number 1.

Actually, I can vote him for all eternity if his name is on every election provided he won't go against BF. I am more into humor than seriousness and having said, I like BF more.

Now, the reason that I am adding more names simply because I remember, this is Philippines. And you know how it's like to endure the election time. You need to play the game of survivor - outwit (by sweet talking the BOE, just to make sure your name is on the list of voters). Outplay (by taking over somebody's line, while in queue haha). Outlast (by playing energize under the heat of the sun, while in near death experience with the smell of your fellow voters, eww).

See, it's like going to hell and back - only coming back is no difference, lol. So if I want to go to hell, might as well bring more sinners (lol), the more the merrier.

For my number 2, I am putting Jack Enrile. Mind you he's a shooter, lol. I can see him as a promising public servant. He authors the Kasambahay law and the Anti Monopoly bill. I am expecting him when elevated to the higher seat to create more bills that a typical Juan dela Cruz can appreciate, not just a discount for a specific group of people, if you know what I mean, lol.

And besides, gusto ko happy ang daddy niya, lol (I want his Father to be happy). And speaking of JPE, I wish he reconcile with Sen. Santiago before he go, haha.

Number 3 in my list is Sonny Angara. Tagged as the prolific and hardworking (ikaw na) Congressman of the 14th congress for filing the most number of bills and that includes the Magna Carta for Women.

And you know, there's something in his smile that he's likable lol. Oh yeah, just that simple - to win my heart just give me your close-up smile ala, Gilderoy Lockhart, lol.

In number 4, I'm putting Hagedorn. He made a wonderful job with Palawan and I want every provinces of the Philippines to be like Palawan, isn't it lovely?

I am also including Montano (hindi si Buboy, lol) - as a military man and if luck is in him, maybe he could focus on the improvements of our very poor military services.

I'm not completing the 12 but maybe these names can be my last minutes' options. Seneres (hu u, lol. I'm giving him the chance), or Tingting Cojuangco (I like socialite, lol. I'm not suppose to vote anyone related to the president but I like her).

And yes, I am including Zubiri in my list.


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