Here's my crown, I want big boyfriend!

She's trending on Twitter for several days. Actually her name goes head-to-head with #BostonMarathon and #PrayForBoston, lol.

After guesting an episode on Kris TV, apparently along with her boyfriend, wasithisname again? Oh don't bother, he would just be remembered as the ex-boyfriend anyway (oh my bad, lol).

2012 Miss Universe, First Runner Up Janine Tugunon is the hot topic for days, this after confesses having in close contact with the lead singer of the famed Irish band, The Script.

The confession happened right in front of her boyfriend (washisname again, oh nevermind), while the close contacts happened behind his boyfriend's back, lol.

The MU (Mutual Understanding) started after being introduced to each other during the band's concert at the Araneta Coliseum that ended by following each other's Twitter account (you're right Oprah, this is so 21st century, lol). The Script main man looks like persistent in getting Janine's attention, despite the fact he was aware the lady has a boyfriend and as she would put it - the vocalist is texting and calling her everyday (wow, ikaw na ang may mahabang buhok, lol)

But hell, who really cares if she got a long time boyfriend what matter is - she's responsive. Whew! Filipino hospitality, eh.

Now, for moment like this (er, sound's like AI winning piece, lol) - ehem, tadaaa - ofcourse it is very important that the public must have a say.

And you know how notorious the public is when it comes to seeing the flaws of the others. I mean, hey we are bunch of hypocrites people. We always fond of talking other's fault when we knew as hell we're no different from them.

Many vilified Janine for her action as not fit for a beauty queen and most importantly inappropriate for being a Filipina.

Wow! Are beauty queens, the new nuns now? I mean, why would you expect them to behave like they won't be sinning?

What? Never heard beauty queens who were porn star before? Seriously?!

Why would you insist someone to behave in a way you wanted, just because someone is a public figure?

I'm not siding Janine but you see when it comes to the matter of heart, everything is right! No matter who will be hurts.

Ehem, just a thought, lol!