My mother is Wonder Woman, I am the boy who lived

If there is one word to describe my life, the appropriate word would be - MIRACLE.

Ate Guy was wrong all along when she said, "Walang himala, ang himala ay nasa puso lamang" (There's no miracle, miracle is only in the heart), well maybe because I'm not a pig for that matter (lol).

Yeah, my LIFE is a MIRACLE!

I have battled death even before I can open my eyes. Everyday onward, I have to fight for my life. All these through the persistence of my mother to keep the greatest gift she ever gave me - my life.

I was a sickly baby. I was born with a weak system. Doctors and nurses where my first circle of friends.

Night and day my mother always at my side giving me the best medicine she knows - her unconditional LOVE and while praying in between, for my immediate recovery.

I've been always like that for my first two years of existence but mother never gave-up on me. She endures sleepless/stressful nights and rough days. Her will to keep me alive was unimaginable - tantamount if you put it on Buboy's (Cesar Montano, lol) word.

I grew up a frail kid. I am always on my mother's look-out and even to these days just to make sure, I am well. When I was three years old and can barely walk, I was almost hit by a ten wheeler cargo truck.

But again, a miracle happened and my life has been spared - I was saved.

The accident happened when my mother had to ran an errand at the nearest store. Unbeknownst to her, I followed while she left the gate opened thinking I was at the care of my cousin inside the house. I slipped on the opened gate and cross the road. It's a national highway and cargo trucks always on the racing spirit.

It happened too quickly. A loud screeching noise and from the sounds of it, came from a forced and sudden application of a brake was overheard. Bystanders screaming that a kid was hit/crashed by a truck.

Mother aware that she left the gate opened, came rushing as she heard the commotion. When the truck came to a halt, the driver immediately got out of the vehicle and started the S & R (search and rescue) under his truck.

Then, he screamed. "Oh good Lord, thank you - he's alive". I was standing at the middle of two giant wheels with my right hand raised above as if trying to tell the truck to stop while my left hand on my eyes. Covered with dust, unharmed and unscathed.

Mother fainted seeing me alive.

It put her into trauma, she only recovered after two days and when she was able to put herself together - she made a promise.

She offered me to a saint (St. Vincent Ferrer) and she made a pact, every 9 days before my birthdays until I reached puberty, she will be offering a Novena (a form of devotion consisting of special prayers or services on nine successive days) as a thank you for saving my life.

I remember when she can't find someone who would lead the Novena, she will do it herself and only the two of us will execute the prayers while kneeling on the altar.

We are very religious. I myself do not complain when kneeling for like hours as long as we served in God's name (gosh, I'm sinless in my childhood - what happened, lol).

The offered prayers continued until I'm 21 (Yes! lol).

Now, that I am old enough or maybe more than old enough, lol. I know, my mother still keeping an eye on me. My sisters are her eyes, just to make sure I live the day without peril on my way.

Mother is my priced position. I can't imagine a life without her. Sometimes, I prayed to God if he could take me before her because I don't know what's life would be without her. But then I realized it would be selfish of me because I don't think she can bare it either - a life without me. She have endured all the pains just to preserved my life, she don't deserve another pain. So I stop praying.

Never would I trade you for any expensive things.
All I wanted is to see you and be in my side.
Nothing would I ever asked for - but YOU.
And till my dying breath, I'll treasure you.
You are the Wonder Woman that gives WONDER to my life.

Mother, thank you for the LOVE.
And above all for the LIFE.
GOD is so good for giving me the most wonderful mother.
Gratefully providing me a wonderful journey and..
Inspiring me everyday, so..
Even in my hardest day just a thought of you, brightens me.

I never wish to be born again, if it won't be you as my mother.

I am sorry if sometimes or maybe more than sometimes, I am a pain in the ass. I wouldn't ever hurt you. You know that but sometimes or maybe more than sometimes, for some reason I have unintentionally hurts you, I mean you made me a brat, lol.

And I'm sure it's not also in your intention to raised a child - that the boy who lived, would soon be the prodigal son, hehe.

I love you mother, thank you for making me a Harry Potter er, I mean a Superhero.

Happy Mother's Day!


Di ko kinaya... Pina iyakkk mo koo
Raw , organic truth ..
So sincere and as a mom myself...
I wish my kids would love me the same way you love your mommy.. Wahhhhh

Raw and organic.. parang fertilizer lang, lol. Environment friendly? Hehe.

Oh I'm sorry, I made you cry.
Ofcourse Sofia and Miki will grow a loving daughters to their wonderful mom.

You too is a Wonder Woman mom? I can prove that:)

Happy Mother's Day to you and to your Mom.... and also to your dear and loving Mother-in-law:)