Weekend Getaway: The drunkards, the headaches and the mosquitoes at Amana Resort Park

OM (Officemate)
OM1: She's not coming.
ME: This is crazy. We should call this off.
OM2: It sucks, I have cancelled my High school reunion for this outing.
OM1: Yeah and like we have planned this for month for everyone to be available.
ME: Totally agree and I have shopped Forever 21 (21 Men) for my swimming gear just for this one, you know (lol).
OM2: So what are we gonna do now?
ME: Let's call Boss if she want to continue this trip with just the five of us.
OM1: I want to ride the Zipline, I want to go.
OM2: Me too.
ME: Oh the Zipline, yeah that's sounds exciting, let's go, lol.

Moment later, we found ourselves at Ayala, EDSA waiting for a commuter bus going to Sta. Maria, Bulacan. We waited more than an hour without spotting a bus routed to our destination. Then one of us suggested how about going to Cubao and take a Balagtas bus and drop at Bocaue exit. Hmm.. sounds good, so we headed Cubao and took the German Bus Line.

We arrived Shopwise - Sta. Maria fifteen minutes past eleven and all starving. We dined at Chowking, I'm not really a Chowking fan but majority agreed so I have no choice. I ordered the Sweet and Sour lauriat and a Nai Cha. My Gosh, I was taken aback with the Nai Cha it's big, it's like the McDonalds' monster float, lol.

After that sumptuous lunch, er maybe to them but for me it was no-way near to a sumptuous meal (lol), we decided to heads at the supermarket for the water and food supplies. We intended for an overnight stay. By twelve quarter we're on track going to Pandi where Amana Water Park is located, that's by way of a tricycle. It was hot, it's like riding through hell. That was quite a ride I must say, it's not the usual ride, it's so unconfortable (lol), the road is zigzagging and every time we turned left or right a "straight ahead" sign is welcoming. It was a ride that looks like eternity for me, I'm praying on every turns the tricy would stop. Finally it stopped.

We didn't pre-booked because the rooms in their website are all available and we want to see it up close and personal before we go for the rooms best suits to our needs. But here's the catch upon inquiring, all air-conditioned rooms are fully booked till the next day. Cottages were left available, we're reluctant deciding on taking the cottage or we just heads home as the options. But we're already there and we have gone through hell for that matter, so better stay and maybe stay awake for the next 24 hours (and we haven't sleep yet since we're rendering a night shift schedule). Well, cottages are open and the place was like in the middle of a forest, so mosquitos must be somewhere or maybe everywhere. In the end, we took a cottage and decided to just have a drink and swim the whole night lol.

The most eye catching about Amana is their giant pool that splashes waves and the action figures from different movies that spread everywhere inside the resort. An Anaconda with a mouth wide open will greet you upon entering while Spiderman is lurking somewhere up at the souvenir's shop. A walk away from the entrance and Mr. Bean is sitting on a bench with his trademark face (smile) not far, were DC's Justice League, also in the vicinity are Marvel's, The X-Men and The Avengers. Also present are the Shrek, Indiana Jones, the Lord of the Rings and a lot more who are willingly wants to serve you as a props to your ultimate fantasy - the picture takings.

Also one of the exciting service that Amana offers is the Zipline. Oh my Gosh, for a moment I thought I was Superman in a blanket (lol). Yeah, I've tried flying with it and it's cool, love it. Now, if swimming is your (peg) then help your self from a lot of swimming pools to choose from. We started swimming at 5PM, we waited until some vacated the place especially the children, they're everywhere and suffocating if you ask me.

At 8PM, we decided to have a drink. Beers are expensive but still we want to enjoy the night, so never mind if it was half the price. We're drinking like a pro (lol) that we have to buy another cans and this time we decided to rent a karaoke machine. In short we're busted. We get drunk and totally smoked while singing in between. By 1AM, I started to feel the bad headache. From time to time I have to soak myself in the pool to perhaps it could help ease the bad headache. But swimming only left my whole body to ache more after displaying my prowess for doggie style (lol). Ehem but seriously, I have a talent for swimming.

By 2AM, I'm so tired. Got out of the pool and showered. I tried to sleep but to no avail, mosquitoes were annoying. So, I just pretending to be sleeping as not to bug from drinking again.

Now, here's one - if you wanna see a pea-cock.. cock.. cock lol.