Weekend Getaway: Singer IT Reunion (One More Time) Rounding up at QC Memorial Circle

It's the second time we have this mini-reunion. This will be a regular event every two years onwards. It's our way of rekindling camaraderie and friendship among the people we have worked with in the previous company (Singer) we were working. Ate Ludy promised she'll be sponsoring the ocassion.

I set the venue, Ate Ludy wants a place that we can have some fun, fun in a way that we have time for a lengthy chit chat (gossips), I mean a typical Filipino (lol). We have done Luneta Park, last year's was La Mesa Eco Park, so I decided the Quezon City Memorial Circle. I can always see people coming in and out of this place on my way to work. Last Christmas, the place was a hit because rides were installed inside. I never set foot to the place until today.

At 9 in the morning I started receiving text messages asking how to get to the place. While I know the place, fact of the matter, I don't know how to really get there, to get inside - all I know is that it's close to Philcoa and adjacent to Quezon City Hall. "Do you think this info is good enough for you to get there?" My usual answer to every queries, lol.

It was I who have been tasked to be the event planner. Huh! Me the event planner? Good luck, lol!

The time of rendezvous is supposed to be 11AM but you know the typical Filipino time. We started arriving by half an hour past 11. I'm excited not because my package from a friend will finally delivered (I've waited a month you know, yipee lol) but some of these people I'll be meeting with, the last time I've seen them was like more than 5 years? Janet and Rhecel for example, the last time I have actually seen them was on their last day in the office after they have resigned. I get to text Janet sometimes because of Ferdie. For Rhecel, I get to connect with her through Facebook. Facebook is so useful in reconnecting people, it's so Nokia (Connecting People) if you ask me, lol.

As usual, we talk about the past how it was fun, on those days in the office. We're like family, we had our differences on some ocassions but we're always friends with everyone. Me, for example. I'm one of those notorious employees. I made some of my co-employees cry, lol. But funny, those I have a row with have become my closest friends up to this day.

I thank them for the understanding because after all I am not really mean, I'm just misunderstood, uhum okay let's put it this way, I have tantrums and I can't help it - you see, lol. It's not really my fault, haha.

I'm just happy, I get to see them again.

After eating we roamed the place for the very important thing to do when in get together party, the picture taking lol. At 4PM we decided to go home. Pleased with the experience of seeing old friends. Until then...