Weekend Getaway: iGen Huling Hirit sa Tag-init at Bakasyunan Resort, Tanay, Rizal

Yeah, iGen officially ends the summer of 2013, lol.

Right after we depart Tanay, Rizal clouds of gray to dark were starting to formed in the sky. Fistful of rains can be felt at some part of the Metro. Commonwealth is wetting as I passed by on my way home to Fairview, on Sunday afternoon or was it evening? It was 5:30PM.

iGen team building was a short noticed. It was only decided 3 days before the day of the outing. It's not surprising that attendance wasn't 100% achieved although I must say, it was well represented.

I can see people from .NET, Java/Android, ADS (App Dev), Web Designer, and as usual the ever cooperative people from SQA who came full force with a perfect attendance and ofcourse our team the usual pasaway (brat, lol) who came half of our numbers. Though I'm not sure if I ever spotted people from iOS team but all in all it was a blast and a fun outing.

We get to know people from other teams. Our department is some kind of isolated from the others. We have a dedicated room separate from the others by which the only barrier are the spaces between their workstations, lol. The only thing that connects them to us are the voices, so we can always hear them laugh when they're having fun outside.

I think we have arrived a little bit around 2PM, I'm not really so sure because my cellphone ran out of battery and that serves to be as my clock. We just rested for few minutes and started serving ourselves for a lunch. Lunch was already prepared when we arrived. It was the hottest day, we sweats a lot but still we enjoyed the food while some of those who can sing have joyfully doing the karaoke thing serenading us with "Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang Dumating" and ofcourse not to be missed, "Pusong Bato", lol.

After lunch, we heads to our quarter for a rest while the others continue showing their singing skills in a KTV room we have rented. "Killing Me Softly" and "Planet of the Apes" were featured movies on Star Movies which repeated all night and day serving as the background while some were getting some nap but most were busy taking pictures.

After the break we communed for the parlor games prepared by the organizer. Originally I belonged to Green Team but Yellow Team was short of one member so I filled the vacant slot, Green Team apparently got more member. Here's my team, presenting to you the Yellow Team. I know, and yes we are the Yellow Team and not Green Team okay, lol.

We lost the first game, the Talong (Eggplant) Race but we bounced back on the 2nd, the Kalamansi (Citrus) Race using the spoon. On the third game "Find my Candy", I represented the group and we lost, lol. The game is to find the candy soaked in a whipped cream with your mouth. It was a quick game, I thought I am the quickest but when I looked around after finding my last candy. To my horror, all other teams were already finished, lol. After sixth rounds, the score card was Red Team = 2, Green Team = 2, Yellow and Blue Team with 1. Only one game left and we were dying for the win to get the 3-way tie with Red and Green Team. Good enough we won, it's the Water Relay. Now, for the deadlock game, a deciding game was agreed which was the "Egg Catching", oh too bad, we were the weakest on that game. We were the first to be eliminated on the previous game and yes true enough for the second time, again we're the first to be eliminated.

Red Team won and as consolation prize each losing team were given one free activity. We all decided for the Zipline. The Zipline wasn't an extremist one. In fact, for me it's the lousiest - I mean it's like you're only hanging in a Meralco post and to make it even disappointing you are only get to sit. No option on your stomach as if you are the real superman flying with a blankets on, lol.

We stayed overnight at Bakasyunan Resort. We have an inexhaustible supply of San Mig light and got quite some bottles of hard drinks but it looks like it wasn't the night's favorite. I haven't seen any group drinking a liquor that night oh well, I'm not really so sure though because I have retired so early in the evening. At 9PM after a soaked in the pool, I was already on my back in our double bunk bed for sleep. Prior to that, I had atleast an hour or two of swim then I get the worst muscle cramps on both legs, oh it was painful I tell you. Ofcourse, I love to swim but I don't want to push myself. It was a luck, I was able to pacify it before it will harm me with a significant damage.

I was so drained that evening because I haven't sleep yet since I had worked night shift the day before. So while my other team enjoying the night outside, me on the other hand in my own private moment enjoying the comfort of my pillow before I dozed off.

At 1PM the next day, we depart the place all contented and had a blast of fun. The fun continue inside the bus as we rode home back to Manila. We have a resident's jokers in the bus, Sir Kenneth of SQA and the other girl whom I don't know the name but she's one of the yellow team (lol) and I've overheard she's from Web dev. They're really loud and funny that from time to time we have to laughed with them.

Scattered rains on my way to Fairview and keep splashing on the window of the bus I was riding. Summer is out, welcome rainy days.

Now, this is you call - hell on earth. It's bloody floody.

Even falling leaves..
has its own story to tell, ikaw ano ang kwentong alamat mo?