Father and Son

Today is Father's Day. The day dedicated to our greatest Dad! And to you father, Happy Father's Day.

I am most blessed I have you as my Father. We had our differences yeah - I mean, when I was a kid, I got to trembled whenever I hear you were around. I've never seen so strict as a father but you. In fact I envied our neighbor everytime I see a son and a father having fun together.

We never had that kind of moments. It's one thing I have regretted in my life. Ofcourse it's my fault, I should be the one initiated to get closer to you in the first place - oh my bad. Mother would persuade me for a hundred times but you see I was afraid until she stops it herself praying that the bad blood will heal itself, in time.

I know, it's not your intention to hurt me. It's your character, you were never showy about your feelings and you have this extreme pride but deep inside, you love me and I can see you are proud of me.

But guess what father? I got every traits you have - the pride, the temper, the quality of being uptight and ofcourse your intellect. The looks? Oh I don't think so, I got my mother side, I mean you look like Manny Villar and I'm not, lol. And do you know that my signature apparently is an inspiration from yours?

Indeed, I am my father's son.

Yes, aloofness best describe my relationship with my father when I was a kid. I can never remember an instance that we have talked in a manner asking each other "How are you?". The only thing we get to directly talking to each other when he has something me to do, I mean run an errand, or I have to relayed a message from someone to him.

Ooops, don't get it the wrong way - okay because, I am happy to announce that since I have graduated from a childhood. The relationship has changed from bad to good. We're both okay now and can converse with just the two of us. Imagine how grateful mother when she heard the news?

Now, any idea why I like the character of Iceman in the Uncanny X-Men comicbook? Exactly since I am a superhero (lol) myself, in a way can feel what he felt (lol, ikaw na ang superhero).

As a kid, he has high hope for Bobby being the only son and he want him to be the best accountant in the whole wide world he can be proud of. But after knowing he has this X gene, he despise him and sent him off from their home. Until one day, he find himself stands depending about the mutant rights during the Creed's campaign. Creed has this agenda to annihilate all mutant genes when he becomes president. As a father to a son with a mutant gene, he stands against Creed that almost took his life. It was the most moving story, I have ever read. It made me cry.

I've been re-reading some back issues of my comics last night when i found this piece inserted in one of the back issues, written way way back can't remember the exact date! It's about Iceman and his father. I just thought this is worth for safe keeping and since it's Father's Day.

Father N Son

I remember yesterday
It was joy and we were happy
From day in to day out
Nothing but laughter and a shout

I was a kid then!
And you look at me as your dream
You strive harder
And never bother your pain

From dawn till dusk
You were - but doin' your task
Trying to be a good father
That I could look up to - forever.

Those were the days!
Worth to be reminisced
Days, months and years passed by
And the old good days was only but a try

Here comes the day
That you unfold the reality
And you condemned me.

You felt betrayed
And your world seemed astray
Your love turned to hate
And you made me to evaporate

For now, I'll go away
Perhaps find my way
But I'll prove to you
That you're wrong about me.

Tatay Hamen, happy father's day. And to all the fathers out there. Happy Father's Day. Here's Luther, I think he wants to make you cry, lol

Even falling leaves..
has its own story to tell, ikaw ano ang kwentong alamat mo?