Habemus Papam: Pope Francis I

He will lead the 1.2 billion troubled Roman Catholics and I say, it's gonna be a lot of hardwork. He gets ton of deliveribles waiting for him when he presumed papacy on the 19th of Mar- something that need to be taken cared of ASAP.

We heard controversies on 1sex abuse, those inconceivable revelations of child molestation/manipulation by some priests in Europe and the America. 2Vatican finances allegedly involve in money laundering activities, the 3homosexuality and gay marriage issue. The so-called untouchable 4Curia, allegedly the manipulating body inside the Vatican. The 5women priesthood and celibacy issue and ofcourse, the 6abortion and euthanasia.

The world celebrates as new pope was named. Pope Francis I, formerly cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina was the first non-European pontiff in, 1,300 years. He is also the first Jesuit priest alleviated to papacy.

He immediately made a thumbs up agreement among catholics when he chooses a non traditional papal name. Francis - inspired from Saint Francis of Assissi, the poor. Like himself, Pope Francis I wasn't a man of luxury. His father was a railway worker and his mother was a plain housewife. He loves the poor, in his spare times in his native Argentina while serving as priest, he would sneak out and visits the poor. He took the bus when traveled locally and when flying overseas, he prefered the economy class.

He wasn't the top 3 favorite 'papabili' prior to the conclave, in a way that outcome was kind of a shock to some. But it is noteworthy that former cardinal Bergoglio was a runner up in 2005 conclave that put Pope Benedict as catholic's main man.

In his first message as the new pope he said. "Let us begin this journey together, this journey for the Roman Catholic Church. It's a journey of friendship and love and faith between us. Let us pray for one another, let us pray for all the world".

So I think we can see from here, that we have a new promising pope. I for one, like him :)