Cleaning Out My Closet - Part 1: Disposal of former friends gifts

As a friend, I am the best (sabi ko eh lol). I am the person you would ever wants for a friend. I can make you fart from laughter, if you are in my company. So if your life is boring come on, what are you waiting for - find me! I will not make it hard for you, I will not hide promise, lol.

Oooops, just a heads-up though, I have a delicate taste for a friend but rest assured, I like those who are true to themselves, I hate sugar-coating. Nevermind if you have 1fallen from grace (I have to tell you - I have fallen a million times, lol). A 2person of attitude (don't fret, I have more of that, lol). Or maybe a 3person with the darkside (I am only comes out at night, how's that?). What I mean is, all you just need to do, is to make yourself real and bazinga we will be - BFF, lol.

I am a friend through and through and definitely will be there when trouble comes your way. I can be a friend you can count on when everyone doesn't want to be counted, lol.

Emotionally and even financially if you really need it although I must say the latter would all depend on how would be the current condition of my purse, which I tell you - it's in bad shape right now, lol.

Okay, I have ranting about friendship simply because when I was cleaning out my closet on a weekend I have found some items that were given to me by my former friends. Quite cool for a gifts and I can't help myself from smiling remembering how we started as friends and smirking afterwards realizing how it ends up.

I'm a book person, it aroused me. So typically speaking, one of the ideal presents that would make me shout for joy or atleast give a compliments back are books or else I would just tell you, "ah okay thanks". Not knowing at the back of my mind I would be screaming with "and this is what you called a gifts, huh?", lol.

While it's the thought that counts but seriously who would really need another scented candle or a coffee mug or a baked cookies on every christmas?

Translated, nevermind giving me gift if it doesn't fall on my taste. A good company is enough for me to be grateful. I remember, one of my former friends, cursed me to death when she found out that I have given out to somebody the T-shirts she gave me. And as if cursing me is not enough, she even gate-crashed to the person's house and forcefully took the shirts. What a freakin' douche, lol. I know, I'm insane but seriously to hang out with another mental? Oh, get out!

Now, these comic books, The Endless Nights and The Eternals all from Neil Gaiman were a gifts from my another former friend every time she visits PI. I can't find my copy of The American God, so it's not in the photo. I was on 7th heaven when I claimed these gifts at her hotel knowing these pieces were purchased during a Comic Con.

Our friendship went off due to our conflicting ideas. I was siding Willie Revillame on that issue about the child abuse and she's on the other side. She love to be identified as the elitest, someone with intellect who speaks in impeccable English and excellent grammar. Fine! I don't need a grammarian in my life, lol.

And these dart arrows, again from another another former friend who I met in the first company I have ever worked. She's a typical mean girl - bitch and beautiful. I am just a charming person and I charmed every bitches in town, haha - so we get along together. The arrows came with a Rolodex, imagine the timeline? Rolodex, man it's the iPad of the now, lol.

It's ages ago, my gosh Twitter is not even in existence and Facebook was as ugly as that of a 5 year old personal page. Well, the friendship ends when her sister came into the picture. I'm almost part of their family. I call her mom, mommy - I even became an extended family. I was/am the Sirius Black (godfather) to her second daughter for crying-out-loud. Okay fine, here's the candle blow it away, lol.

Regrets? No, up to this day I'm innocent and confident it wasn't my fault.

I am right. Rule #1. Rule #2, see rule #1 when I'm wrong, lol.


Hilarious:)but i must say you've spoken every bits of pieces with truth. Facts and reality of life indeed

Oh Mommyblush, I'm blushing reading your comment.

Thank you.

You are the first fan out of my million fans, lol to brave and vocally posted a comment. haha. thx again.