I am Keanu Reeves, who are you?

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Here's the catch.

I am always the person who frequently but unintentionally siding with the unpopular choice, making me the perfect "devil's advocate". See, I am Keanu Reeves.

Not that I am bad ofcourse but see, I am not a judgmental person, so in a way my choices are more of giving the benefit of the doubts. I mean, hey there's always reason behind the action!

And speaking of the bad choices! Oh well, atleast I am consistent. Let's talk about the issue involving Willie Revillame - again (for the nth time). You know, everytime there's a Willie issue, I am always giving my bad two cents. And by giving these bad two cents, it cost me to losing a friend. Ofcourse it sad, knowing you consider a person to be such a good friend but no - I don't have any regrets. Atleast, I knew exactly the true color (gosh it's so green, haha).

Now, going back to Willie. I don't know but I like Willie better than Joey De Leon if you want to ask me, lol. I like him being playful and dumb but with big hearts. Not everyone these days has a heart like Willie. Does this makes me a jologs (ghetto) already? Oh seriously!

Oh by the way, "Spoiler Alert" I am not being paid to write this. Let's put it this way, think of it as another bad two cents (lol) comment.

Now back to controversy, it started when Willie interrupted his show "Wowowillie" and publicly vilifying two of his co-hosts Ethel Booba and Ate Gay - mind you, he's the producer in case you don't know (lol). Over a displayed misconduct allegedly furious and shouted at him by not winning the best in costume competition in their Mini-Concierto segment.

The comment draws mixed reactions, mostly putting Willie in a bad side like the usual reaction would be - you know the typical netizens, the so-called self-confessed well-mannered-with-fucking-kick-ass-breeding individuals. They were commenting how arrogant of Willie to scold them in public when he can do it privately.

Netizens? Are you really that idiot? You hate Willie simply because according to you he has no manner and yet you expected something finesse from him? Er, I don't get the logic! Next.

Not that he was right by tirading someone on national TV but hell, what is the difference of giving good advice and scolding in public? P-Noy do this a lot of times, incase you missed it. And beside you know very well how clueless he is, as you have said it yourselves he's not educated enough. See the flaws now?

How many times we would hear him interrupting his show by publicly clamoring about suspending some of her dancers over a petty cat fight or the show will be closed or how hurt he was over the the child abuse molestation issue?

You know, the guy was pissed - and knowing his authority is being bybassed. You can't blame him really, that's fair and shouting a boss is insubordination, in any way. He is the host, the producer making him the boss. Ofcourse, you don't do that to him.

What happened to Ethel Booba served her right. She's supposed to be on the the road to redemption for-crying-out-loud but look at her, instead she's going the other way - to perdition. When will she ever learned.

Atleast Ate Gay is sincere enough for the effort to reaching out with Willie to patch things up.

Alright, don't be a kill joy but Willie's displayed action is fair enough to me.

Now, to you... YOU DO NOT DO THAT TO ME! lolz.