Cleaning Out My Closet - Part 2: World Domination with the Twisted

Yeah, sure - count me in! LOL.

I am a fan of Jessica Zafra and as a matter of fact, except for the Chicken Pox for the Soul and Womenagerie and Other Tales from the Front (as these two are obviously for the women) I got all her books. I started with the Twisted books and from there I've been hooked.

I am a self confessed twisted, so it's cool reading one or I assumed it is, lol. Actually, the Twisted series is like peeking the life of a geek. I mean these books talk about Star Wars, movies, TV Series, comic books, Tennis, the PI, the golden proportion and of course Bon Jovi, lol.

It's like the Big Bang Theory in paperback (Er, I'll post about it when I'm done with Season 6, whether you like it or you like it, haha), Amy Farrah Fowler be scared - Jessica Zafra is coming your way (in Sheldonish voice, lol).

If you have read the Twisted, you may aware that she's a self proclaimed dominatrix and on how she schemed for the world domination with her greatest weapons; the kasambahay (chambermaid) and yayas (nannies) and other Filipinos (OFW) who scattered every where in the world.

The book is a fun read - witty, intelligent and sarcastic in some ways but it's hilarious you won't even notice, lol. Her favorite subjects include herself, her cat, her friends (mostly gays or if not - eccentric women, lol) and her lovers who by the way includes tennis superstars, Sting, Bon Jovi among others.

And not just about her lovers but also her love for movies with lots of trivias. Now, who was the first to portrayed Darna and Dyesebel? lol.

As part of cleaning out my closet on a weekend, I found some copies of my Twisted series and some Jessica Zafra books. I don't know what happened to the other titles but I swear I got all of them.

Well, I'm cleaning it anyway why would I wanna go looking for them, huh!.

Later, peeps.

Yeah, I am twisted, wasted and wicked!