Survivor - Zombieland : Frankenstein Rules

Rick Grimes was under coma after he was shot while performing his police duty. And when he woke up in a hospital from a long deep sleep, the world he knew has gone.

The million dollar question to his mind is how it happened and what went wrong?

The used to be a lovely place is now ravaged by zombie epidemic of apocalyptic proportion. And while in solitary trying to find what have transpired to this brave new world, he's convinced his family may still be alive and he is coming after them.

While on search, he bumped into a small encampment who like himself struggles for survival. Like it was meant to be, he reunited with his family. Part of the group were his wife Lori and son Carl.

The Walking Dead is one of the breakout TV series of 2011. Season 2 premiere's strongly that it broke two Cable TV ratings and registered an impressive 30% rise on its audience.

A AMC presentation from Frank Darabont (Shawshank Redemption) and Gale Anne Hurd (producer of Terminator and Aliens). Based on Robert Kirkman's graphic novel of the same title.

Walking Dead is an epic survival adventure series. It's like the reality show, Survivor. Only this one shot in Zombieland. And just like in Survivor, castaway has to outwit, outplay and outlast if they need to stay a day or two.

Outwit, in a way that you can bully the zombies (walkers/biters) by shrieking, "Hey fuck-faced Frankie, come're", and fuck their face with sharp objects. You know, they are the dumbest lots. Can't identify favorable from danger, so long as their small brain is intact. They will hunt and come after you and ripped you open.

Outplay, the same thing. Yell, the same and smash their heads. I told you, they're not very intelligent, lol. Outlast, ofcourse - what else, yell again and ground that rotten heads to the ground. See, welcome to the game of survivor.

Now, you can also compare WD to reality show, The Big Brother. Why? You see, while they battle for the obvious threat the walkers. They also need to survive one another. Well, human nature - everyone is different. And with that differences come conflicting ideas and when conflicting ideas on its peak. Anger occurs and when anger all over you - so help us God, lol.

Season one ends with a CDC (Center for Disease Controls) burning while they were trying to escape. In Season 2, as if a coincidence they were also trying to escape from fire, this time from a farm infested with biters.

Season three begins seven months later. Walkers are every where, like making a statement - they are the dominant species. Ofcourse, you cannot argue with them, really. Season three thrilled with more sacrifices, new alliances and more secrets are revealed.

Rick has to amputate Hershel's leg to save him from infection. T-Dog sacrifice himself for Carol to survive. Lori opted to die to save her baby.

While unlikely alliance with Michonne was made and the governor's secrets were spilled. The season ends with brothers Merle and Daryl about to be executed in front of the eager Woodbury residents and the stunned Andrea.

Walking Dead is not for the faint heart. This show is one of the grossest but the story is one to die for. I am not really into zombie films but this one is now my favorite.