J.CO on the block

Yesterday after work, I went straight to SM Megamall to check for the current available titles in Comic Quest. It's been two weeks since the last time I paid a visit. I am a fan of X-Men comics and still following some of the X-Titles. My current favorite so far is Wolverine and the X-Men. I just love the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, the kids and the faculties are just awesome to ignore plus the bamfs and Toad around - these combinations seems won't disappoint you for giving pure entertainment via mischief after another mischief, lol.

And now because in issue # 24, the "Date Night" with the cover of Wolverine and Storm french kissing. So I want to know what is going on between them. I mean just because Storm had just annulled her marriage to the Black Panther it doesn't mean she's now ready for another relationship? And to top it all to Headmaster Logan? Why Logan always attracted to a married woman?

Well, got the copy but I haven't read it yet. I want to savor it on the weekend. So when I am about to exit CQ... by the way, the post officially starts here, lol.

I saw a friend, a former colleague at my previous work coming straight right at my direction. This phenomenon rarely happens to me, matter-of-factly this is the first time I have encountered meeting someone I knew out of no where. You see, I have a big world around me, haha.

Goodboy Me: Hey, what are you doing here?
The Bitch: Hey your self, what are you doing here!
Goodboy Me: I've collected my comics at CQ.
The Bitch: Oh come on!
Goodboy Me: And what were you thinking, on a date?
The Bitch: Oh well.
The Bitch: Just run an errands, I work nearby.
Goodboy Me: Ah I see, me just came from work.
Goodboy Me: I'm starving, have you eaten your lunch yet?
The Bitch: No, actually I'm about to but since you're here. Come let's grab lunch together.
The Bitch: By the way, I'm dying to taste the J.Co donuts. It's the newest craze, everyone is go crazy about it like Krispy Kreme is but a history.
Goodboy Me: Seriously? I have a big world indeed. Lame, am I that naive? I haven't heard of J.Co before.
Goodboy Me: Okay, where is this place?
The Bitch: It's in another building.
Goodboy Me: Uuuh, too far. Let's settle in Sbarro instead and visit J.Co afterward.

After we had our lunch at Sbarro, we visited J.Co. It's not really that far, you just need to cross the other building at the basement just opposite of Starbucks. It's my first time to visit the store. I'm hanging out at the nearest Starbucks on some occasions but I never laid an eye on J.CO, lol. I just thought it was just another coffee shop.

J.CO according to the buzz word, is the best gourmet donut in town. Baked fresh and in different flavors you can choose from and ofcourse best to paired with their signature coffee, the Jcoccino.

And mind you from the name itself it's already tempting and intriguing in a way that it's catchy. So have you tried the Glazzy or Cheese Me Up maybe? How about the Heavenly Berry, Alcapone, Black Jack, Blueberry More, Berry Spears, Jack Chunk, Choco Caviar Strawberyy, Why Nut, Funilla Glaze, Mr. Green Tea, Mona Pisa, Tiramisu, Green Tease, Oreology, Forest Glam, Avocado Dicaprio, Copa Banana, Hazel Dazzle, Meisisipi, Chocnuttzy, Mango Blitz, Sugar Ice, Don Mochino, Crunchy Crunchy, Donna Italiano, Choco Caviar Chocolate, Snow white, Coco Loco and the smalls ones, the J.Pops?

See, love the Avocado DiCaprio and the Jacky Chunk, lol. Sounds A-listers huh.

Now for the prices, 2 dz Php 550, 1 dz Php 350, 1/2 dz Php 230 and Php 42 if you want it at piece.

And because we just want to taste it, we bought half dozen in assorted flavors. I think my favorite is the Al Capone where white Belgian chocolate meets crunchy Californian almonds.

This is J.Co's signature product the recipe is from Rome, almonds are from California, the white chocolate from Belgium while the donut originally created in Indonesia.

Overall impression, with all the package from the store ambiance to product presentation, I think it's a 8 out of 10. My taste bud is far from ordinary taste buds, so I don't consider it as the best tasting donut. Uh well, I am not a donut boy for that matter so I'm maybe bias here.

How about you, how would you rate J.Co?