Wanted Perfect Love!

So how's your V-day? Is it a victory? Did you fire in a hole? Lol.

Since its Valentines Day or Hearts Day to the mushy ones, let's talk about love. Now, who among you here, who one way or another encounter love while on your road to perdition?

Oh wicked! Only three?

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Well, it's not a news really. Have you read the latest SWS (Social Weather Stations) survey about love? It says, that 2012 has more adult Pinoy who are loveless. Matter of fact, loveless Pinoy climbed 4-points higher from last year's 9% to 13% this year.

And for those who have love life, out of 1,200 respondents 54% said they were "very happy" (naks, kayo na ang hapi, haha) a 5-points dropped compared to last year's 59%.

While those optimistic who hope that their love life "could be happier" this time, rose two notches higher from previously 31% to 33% this year. Uh well, spirit haha.

And look, who's very happy? Er, its the men who else with 58% said "very happy" compare to women with only 49% but ofcourse women are always the optimistic ones so there are more hopeful women wishing their love life "would be happier" with 36% compare to 30% of the men.

Nearly 4 of 5 adult Pinoy or 78% said, that "love cannot be planned or pursued, it will just comes to a person". While 22% said that "love can be planned/pursued until one finds it".


Well if you let fate run your lovelife, I guess you are a very patient person and it's inspiring (lol) to know there are more of them, these days. I mean, hello with the ubiquity of Internet and cellphone in our lives, like you just need to be creative sometimes you know.

Do you think cellphone invented just for calling and texting, try something new? Do you really think, Internet is only for Facebook? Try something new!

Now, enough with the numbers let's get to the topic. What is LOVE to you. Define this freaking mis-used word, lol.

For those who cannot relate to the topic, here's a preview to what a LOVE is. From the god himself, Neil Gaiman.

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Now, right back at ya' kid!

So far have you met this so called "no different from any other stupid person" yet? Not yet? Bless you, you're not in misery.

Love. For me, the meaning of the word varies depending on who is speaking. Like now, it's me who's talking so I would put love ofcourse based on my personal experiences.

I counted years, endured sleepless nights and battled a worrisome days just to find my true love.

Love is perseverance, love is sacrifice and love will makes you like a total idjit. Perseverance in a way that everything is right - wrong is not even in your vocabulary. Sacrifice in a way that you embraced the things that you have been dreading in your life. And idiot because you blindedly fool yourself that you are still looking fine and normal when everyone around you, have this disproving are-you-nuts look on their faces.

But regardless how you define love, at the end of the day - it will always be the feeling of finding your one true love.

I hope your valentines is a blast with the one you truly love.

...and to you. Happy Valentines, you are always the ONE I ever wanted. Thank you for making my days, brighter. I LOVE YOU!