Chicken Run, in photo album!

Alright! I know, I am a late bloomer. You don't need to remind me really, hello, I can hear you! lol.

Okay, I know this book came out ages ago, but you see - you can't really blame me for that. I mean, I tried with all my heart and I tried harder again with all my soul (Er! I have a soul, bless me lol) then tried the hardest or maybe die trying (haha) just to get a copy of this.

Any clue, so far what I'm talking about? Okay to end your misery.

This post officially starts here, lol.

Starting new year, that's 2013 in case you're reading this in another alternate timeline/plane. Every Saturday after my shift from work, instead of taking the usual Fairview bound commuter bus going home. I'll get passed to the other side of Ayala and take LRT Leveriza route because I need to drop at Quiapo to find for pirated DVDs (lol) of any new TV series that will help me get through the weekend. Yes, it's the pirated DVDs and why not. I mean, do you really want me to buy the original like I will ever be watching them again for so many times? I'm not a boring person to do the same thing over and over again, well except for my job maybe because for crying-out-loud I need a stable income to support my lifestyle, mostly about books/comicbooks and some branded items by the way. And I told you, it's not cheap.

I was scanning the bookshelves when lo and behold, there at the corner stand two copies of ELMER. My blood as if has a mind of their own started climbing up my head and felt this sensation - you know that sensation when you're having sex? Haha. For those who cannot relate, I'm sorry I can't explain but seriously, you haven't any? That's torture, lol.

It was the second printing of the book with the help of National Bookstore, thanks NBS. I've been dying to have ELMER in my collection. I've been to any comicbook store and it all sold out. I know, you can get a copy by emailing the author, Gerry Alanguilan but I don't want to give him the impression that I'm his super fan, lol.

ELMER comes with a tightly woven script and neatly drawn book, ofcourse in black and white just like any other Pinoy graphic novels, toinkz. ELMER is a story about family, friends, struggles, survival and acceptance, again just like any other comicbook stories. Heart warming with humor in between. It's a story of chickens who suddenly become sentient, ofcourse in comicbook anything is possible. In this book the chickens are fighting to be accepted and treated like human being after all they can do anything what human can do.

The story is being told by Jake the eldest of the Gallo family, after his father died, he was left with a book. Elmer's diary, his father's diary, just like the title would suggest, this is the story of ELMER.

The book blows me away that in between while reading I had to tapped my eyes with a tissue, lol, yeah I've cried while reading. You know every time, I'm reading a piece that concerns about the relationship of a father and son, I cannot help my eyes from watering. It sounds so gay but damn I felt it that way. Well, maybe because Jake reminded me so much of my self. Growing up with angst, with an invisible barrier between them and while they sure as hell know that deep within their hearts they treated each other with love and respect.

"You Know Jake, no matter how bad life gets, no matter how
sometimes things seem to turn on you and make it seem like
there's no longer any hope..

"Don't forget that you always have THIS to look forward to at the
end of every single day. Look at it, Jake.

"Right there is peace. And freedom. And there's nothing in
this world that can touch it."

ELMER is the first Graphic Novel created by a Filipino who made an Eisner nomination for Best New Graphic Novel of 2011. You know Eisner Award, it's the Oscar of comicbooks.

Won the 2011 Prix Asie ACBD Best Asian Album and 2011 Quai des bulles Grand prix Ouest France. Isn't it grand? We do not usually have enough Filipino creator unlike illustrators that we have loads of them and actually doing great in mainstream comics like Marvel and DC.

Grab your own copy of the book, it's a collector's item, you won't be disappointed.

And oh, speaking of father, it's my father's birthday today. So, I'll take this opportunity to say Happy birthday, I wish you good health and stay happy, God bless.