Spider-Man Amazing Secret Revealed


Spiderman to Wolverine, “Why is it there’s never a jailbreak on a nice, pleasant, warm nights in New York?”.
Wolverine to Spiderman, “Why is it you never shut up?
Spiderman: There’s an eensy-weensy spider, climbed up the water spout!
Wolverine: Shut-up Parker.

He’s a natural bully, Parker amazing secret, lol.

Uh forget about the secret. Let’s talk about the movie. I was able to watch it last weekend and this article should have been posted earlier but I don’t know what happen. All I can remember is that it was dark and I was alone, then someone… Oh crap, cut it, lol.
Now, on to the movie – while it had the lowest opening day for a Spider-man franchise but amazingly this reboot movie managed to sling a new record for the highest Tuesday opening ever with nearly $35-M. It didn’t really fair well on its first showing day (US). Over the midnight it only earns $7.5-M, very far from The Avengers which hauled $18.5-M over the midnight on its first showing day.

But hey, don’t get sad because it’s quite impressive overseas where it was shown ahead with $51.1-M. It opens even stronger than Avengers and Spider-man 3 in South Korea with $13.4-M and had an impressive starts in Japan with $11.4-M. It was the biggest opening debut of a Hollywood movie in India with $6-M thanks to Bollywood Irrfan Khan while here at home (Philippines) it registered with the best opening ever with $3.2-M.

Amazing Spider-Man is tagged as the reboot version. The early years of Peter Parker before he became the friendly neighborhood masked avenger. A story of a high-school outcast abandoned by his parents and was raised by his Uncle Ben and Aunt Mary. After discovering a mysterious briefcase that belongs to his father, hence began his quest to unfold the mystery of the disappearance of his parents which leads him directly to Oscorp at the lab of Dr. Curt Connors, former partner of his father.

Personally, I like the story - a teenage Parker on his way to finding himself and what he becomes as the person, the usual teenage angst. The movie is full of emotion, Andrew Garfield as Parker I think is convincing. Maybe a little too tense but nevertheless, he captured the teenage Parker. And as the Spider-Man, for me he is perfect. He is lanky, and it’s easy for him to fold his body lol, just like those on comic-books. I like him on that scene at the end when he was swinging around New York. The stunt is worthy to put on a Desktop.

And oh, Martin Sheen as Unca Ben is perfect while Sally Field as Aunt Mary is a joy. I missed the guys, the last time I’ve seen Sheen was on The West Wing while Field on Brothers & Sisters.

I love the scene where those crane operators help the torned Spidey to make his way to the Oscorp building with the help of the cranes serving as the ladder.

Ofcourse Gwen Stacy, I still hate Marvel for killing her in comics just like how I condemned them when they killed Jean Grey just to be replaced by another red head with the attitude of the White Queen. Emma Stone as Gwen is so fresh, I like the legs, lol.

Now for the STAN-ding ovation moment:
This is a two-second moment when Marvel emeritus, Stan Lee do a cameo role. In this movie, he was the aging but cool school librarian in a headset and having a world of his own not minding what happening around him as long as he can hum around with the song on in his headset. So what if Spidey and the Lizard are trying to bring the school down? Lol.

As I have told you – the man promised he will be appearing in every marvel franchise movies for a 2-second climactic moment.

Overall, I cannot complain. Damn, another good comicbook movie, eh.

But hey, I got one! Why is it a Spidey movie always ends in a funeral with black umbrellas everywhere and raining and everyone is leaving the cemetery? Okay, it's dramatic - I'll agree. But have you noticed in Pinoy version, it's the other way around. I mean, the funeral is always at the start of a movie and it never rains while umbrellas come in different colors under the heat of the sun, and people are going to the cemetery, wailing. lol.