June Bride: Featuring an eX-Man!

It’s June!

Back to school? Er, the floods? Yaay, more likely, lol.

And what is the significance of the floods and school in this topic, eh? Well, since we are officially in June then expect more floods and when you are in school, expect a lot of bells ringing till your ear bleeds, lol. And not only school bells are flooding when June approaches, there are also a lot of wedding bells that are set to explode.

I do not know why most people preferences of a perfect dreamed wedding should happen in this particular time of the year and why not, December when snow is everywhere. I just thought walking on an aisle in a 5-inch thick of sand snow would be cold, er – I mean cool.

The reason, I am writing about the wedding not because I have gone insane and decided after I woke up from a bad dream, that I need one. Gah! I prefer live-in, lol!

Perhaps you may have heard this already provided you are into comicbooks and let say – very updated but for those who used to be in comics but lost for a long while, then this invitation is for you.

Yes! You have been invited to take part and be a witness to a vow. And guess who invited you?

Jean-Paul Beaubier is so ecstatic and excited about his wedding that he wants to share the happiness with everybody. True. Northstar is getting married.

Northstar is the twin brother of Aurora and is the original member of the Alpha Flight, Canada’s superhuman team. And later found as the on and off member of the outlawed group called the X-Men. His character debuted in April of 1979 in the pages of Uncanny X-Men #120. He is portrayed as one of the openly gay/homosexual superheroes in American comics just like DC’s Kate Kane (Bat Woman) and recently the Golden Age Green Lantern, Alan Scott.

His powers include flight and superspeed, notable for being haughty yet bubbly full of himself attitude and acid tongue arrogance. But despite the attitude, Northstar proved to be one of the respected among the X-Men. As Cyclops once put it, in his memorial message (Northstar once killed by Wolverine when the latter was possessed by the group call the HYDRA, New X-Men #13), “He was a speedster, so strategically he was always on point but to him, it was more than that. He had to be the first to face danger, so no one else would have to.”

Northstar is set to exchange “I DO” with his boyfriend since 2009, Kyle Jinadu. This is not the first time where a gay couple married in comics. In 2002, Apollo and Midnighter were the first couple to exchanged vows in the pages of the highly acclaimed work of Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch - DC's Wildstorm, The Authority.
The wedding is in time amidst the controversial announcement of POTUS Barrack Obama about his view on the issue by favoring same sex marriage. On the other hands, pound for pound king Manny Pacquiao was the object of scorn from the pro-side after made a statement that he is not in favor of the idea since it was not the way, the Bible teaches.

The story is from the creative team of New York Times best sellers Marjorie Liu and Mike Perkins. The idea as what Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso would put it, is because Marvel always strives to show a world that is outside your window, “The Marvel Universe has always reflected the world outside your window”.

The Nortstar & Kyle nuptial will be witnessed in the pages of Astonishing #51, coming out this June 21st.