Avengers: Disassembled (?)

Uh oh! Is it me or I am simply a late bloomer.

Oh whatever – so what if every teenage girls and some ten times its age woman have done swooning to the thunder god who by the way looks like a rock star (Kurt Cobain? Is that you, I knew you were a god from then but I didn’t expect you, to be resurrected as a demi-god, lol). Or that war vet, super soldier in steroids and ofcourse who would ever ignore the ever charismatic guy in an orange helmet.

The movie in itself is smashing box office records from left to right that even the combined might of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp simply put them into the ‘Dark Shadow’ and as of writing, collected 36 new number one (#1) titles and now joining the fabled 1-billion worldwide box office club in just 19 days of showing and is expected by next weekend to climbed at number four (#4) for the all time box office hit behind Avatar, Titanic and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (P.2).

Yesterday, I have broken my flip-flop so I decided to visit the nearest mall to find for a new pair. I was looking for the possible replacement by canvassing every display when I passed by f&h, and noticed that their on sale. So I went inside and go straight to the flip flops section. I found a red and black combination and I thought its hip, so I proceeded to the counter and immediately vacated the area. I was about to exit the mall when all of a sudden I remembered, I haven’t seen The Avengers yet and it’s already on its third showing week. So might as well see it before it will be gone forever.

I went back upstairs and purchased a ticket, it’s 7:10 in the evening and came rushing to the entrance where I handed the ticket to the usher guard. While she’s checking for my ticket I noticed she gave a glimpse on my shirts of which, was halfway hid under my half-zipped jacket. When I looked at it, I was blushing because I am wearing a f&h Marvel t-shirt featuring Cap and the Hulk, lol - I am not prepared, waah!

The Avengers, is one of my numerous most anticipated movies. And when I say, ‘most anticipated’ it means, I should be one of the first to see it on its first showing day.

But due to my hectic/toxic schedules, I failed – big time. And I am suppose to be a true believer, the bearer of the flame as ‘the man’ himself would call his minion.

Surprise! Yes, I am a true blue Marvelites. And speaking of ‘the Man’, Stan Lee – the reason we Marvelites flocks to the theater on every first showing day of any Marvel movies because he made a promised to do a ‘cameo’ role in every Marvel franchised movies as long as he live and ofcourse as long as he is capable of.

Imagine, the joy in our hearts when we see him crossing a Manhattan street, or one of the guy inside that morgue in Elektra movie. By the way in this movie, he was interviewed as a normal citizen on their take about the Avengers: Are they heroes or just a bunch of baddies on the closing part of the movie.

And you see, moment like this is the pen-ultimate, the climax of the film. We don’t care about the stories; for sure we have read it a hundred times over. We watched, so we have something to compare to the original work, the only consolation we get is when we left the theater and being satisfied.

And speaking of satisfied... Here we go!

Avengers, Assemble!

…Or maybe disassemble (?)

Thor, take on the Iron Man, use you hammer and don’t forget to display the lightning but reminder, do this along with a thunder. We don’t want to confuse the audience that you are a doppelganger of Storm, lol. Iron Man in defense, fly high and hard like a cannonball over at Manhattan corporate district; make sure that every corporate ladies are all eyes on you while bragging er, I mean - flying before going back and kicking hard, Thor’s ass.

Meanwhile, while you two both killing each other, Hawkeye being the possessed one try to act as much as possible like a villain while preparing to attack the S.H.I.E.L.D’s heli-carrier.

Hulk, prepare to turn green and smash everything you see, start it with the Black Widow and don’t forget the demi-god he’s of your match by the way. And maybe you two, Captain America and Iron Man may engage on a ‘Word War’ to show some emotions, to make people realized that a heroes have feelings too.

Haha! Have you noticed that the best fight sequence was fought against each other? I mean my favorite is a tie between the Hulk and Thor and Thor and Iron Man.

But seriously, this movie has captured the element of a comicbook. I love the character building; each of the character has its moments and was presented equally.

Mark Ruffalo rendition of Bruce Banner is somewhat convincing. I mean, Banner is the most subtle creature when in normal form, lol. The only thing that I don’t like about him is the curly hair. I don’t think I have ever seen Banner sporting a wavy hair in comics. And not to mention his other side, the CGI Hulk is by far my favorite Hulk in a film and he’s funny too, love that scene when he made Thor disappear after helping each other taking on the Loki’s army, haha.

On the other side Black Widow portrayed by Scarlett Johansson is less impressive. She has this face, which seems to display fear all the times. Natasha is the ultimate femme fatale in comic’s universe. She never get scared in any mission she’s put into, not even death because she believe every day could be her last day that’s why Fury trusted her with all his heart, the girl is a heavy hitter, you know.

Jeremy Renner the new ‘Bourne’ is okay being the Clint Barton but I thought he’s too buffed and big for the Hawkeye.

Overall the movie is phenomenal. This movie can stand and can be remembered without any sequel’s coming. A true Avenger fanatic will be very pleased on how this movie came into life. The cinematography is awesome. Love that fight sequence in the forest with Cap, Thor and Stark. And ofcourse the script, who would ever forget that line with Tony when Stevie asked him what he was without the suit?

‘A boy genius, a billionaire playboy! Lol.