Singer IT Reunion at La Mesa Eco Park

I told you Singer wasn't just a place of work but also a place to create friendship. I have actually made lots of them and I am thankful for these gifts. Though personally speaking my Singer experiences were not all about a bed of roses. Matter-of-factly, I had parted Singer with grudges in my heart, the only thing that keep me from smiling upon hearing the word Singer are the friends I have made for years.

Nuff said for these! I don't want to go on with my Singer lamentation again, lols.

Last May 07, 2011, we had a Singer IT Reunion attended by those who have worked or been friends with the people of EDP (Electronic Data Processing) Department. See, the antiquity of the term? Yes, Singer was indeed a pioneer when it comes to technology before Internet and Facebook even came into existence, Singer has already established its own electronic data processing. And mind you, Singer was one of the first few companies in the Philippines to have acquired the expensive services of Microsoft SQL Server for its data warehousing.

But ofcourse that is not the topic for this post obviously, lol.

On topic. It's been a Singer tradition that when a former employee is coming back to the Philippines, those who are either based abroad for good or working abroad. One of the activities they had in their itinerary is to set a Singer get-together. Last February, we also had a Singer reunion hosted by a friend who came back from Dubai, I have blogged about it click here and here.

For this reunion, hosted by Ate Ludy who had a month of vacation from Canada wanted a get-together that supposed to be exclusively for IT Department where she worked for nearly 20 years. But later on, the invite was extended to other departments who want to share the fun with the EDP people. But on the last minute call those who have confirmed earlier suddenly had a change of mind so the numbers wasn't that grand.

But nevertheless, we had a whole day of fun and happy that we were reunited once again as we reminisced those years of the final weeks (a period of time where everyone in the company is busy with each task to be able to submit the required report on a designated time).

We have chosen the La Mesa Eco Park as the venue after hearing some nice words from those who have actually experienced first-hand about the place. Although in terms of distance, the place is not quite friendly but setting foot inside is a relief. It's a lovely place, I for one being a typical Sagittarian who always fascinated with nature, pleased as Mother Earth greeted me with gusto and ofcourse not to mention Father Sun who seems want to compete with Mother Earth with the greetings, welcomed us with super gusto, as we were sweating as hell, lol.

After the greetings and the beso-beso (cheek to cheek greetings) right away we started the recollections of memories. And as they were talking about their each life after Singer, the four of us; Ate Yolly, Irene, Chat and I, excused from the group and went climbing on the hill where different flowers like Aurora, Caballero, Calachuci, Marigold and Crotons are at bloom.

And to preserve this very special occasion, it is important that picture taking will not be missed. I think we had gone to every spot that would suggest inviting and worthy to be the background, lols.

See the pictures for the hints, lol.

At four, Eco Park mangement has announced they had to closed, visiting hour is only until four in the afternoon so we vacate the place, pleased with the experience and for the restored camaraderie.

Till next time. For now, I leave you with a puzzle game called "Spot the Difference", lol!