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Everything is accessible these days. Can you feel it? Are you feeling like 21st century (Hi Oprah, lol) already?

I mean with Internet, anything you need is just a stroke away. This may sounds exageration but hey, gone were the days that your source of gossips about other people's live are from your tactless and loud mouth neighbor right?

Doing homeworks these days are as easy as having a cup of tea, just call Mr. Google and he will give you anything you want for free. Before, the only source of information for your homework is the Library and you have to endure your never-been-kissed-never-been-touched Librarian for that matter

Today banking and shopping can now be performed in the comfort of your own room, ofcourse while having breakfast or sex maybe, lol.

And speaking of online shopping, I found one that I think is cool. Cool in a way that it's realiable, easy to use and ofcourse with variety of options.

Well, if you have noticed as if it's not obvious (lol), I am maintaining a blog and visiting it on ocassions, I always find Zalora in my ad campaigns. Out of curiousity, I clicked on the link. After a hour of browsing, I have opened an account.

Registering an account will entitled you for a Php 250 worth of coupon that you can use on your first purchase.

Now let's talk about the page itself. The interface is simple and neat with easy to use functionality you ever want for a shopping cart. From the choices of fonts, color and background. The zoom in and zoom out feature for browsing the item, I think is cool.

Navigation comes with different options. You can browse for what is new by going through the New Arrivals or maybe you're the person who preferred it by brand names. You can also go to the "What is Hot" section, these items are rated per users activity - items with the most order. And ofcourse the item that are "on Sale".

And the thing that I really like about Zalora is the mode of payment. You can pay it with the usual credit card like most online shopping services. You can also try the bank transfer (wire) and the good news it includes Paypal. Oh love Paypal, it's the most convenient way to pay online. And for the first timer I think COD (Cash on Delivery) is the best and clever option. Ofcourse online shopping is not really that popular, because of this security issue, like it's not safe or something. So by choosing the COD, you are securing yourself from frauds. I mean, you will only pay when the item is in your hand.

Delivery within Metro Manila is free. I have tried purchasing because I want to know how the service would be. I placed my order on 30th of January and received it on the 1st of February. Fast, huh!

I have ordered a Billabong backpack and a Grid Jacket. I'm a jacket guy, I mean I cannot go to work without a jacket's on. The Jacket looks cute in picture like it's perfect - from the cut/fit, color, and fiber.

The actual product, only the cut/fit is real, the color a bit off,lol, the supposed to be yellow, is actually "green yellow", er it's not "yellow green". Yellow green has more green than yellow while green yellow, I think has more yellow and less green. The fabric is not really my taste but overall, I think it's okay, I look like a member of a Pep Squad actually when I tried wearing it, haha. The backpack is what I've have expected, hmm must be the brand, lol.

Overall, I am satisfied with the service, in fact my wishlist is a two page long on cue. And because it's Chinese New Year all orders on or before Jan 31 will have a free voucher with a 15% discount you can place to your future purchase.

Have you shopped at Zalora yet? Try it, to experience it first hand.