Pinoy Little Ladybug on American Idol

I think we Filipino are born singers, I mean we have proven this to the world. How many names do we have in the list, eh? Yeah man, we are born "Divas", haha.

Most Filipino can actually sing, our Moms and Grannies when cooking, they're humming to their favorite songs of the by gone eras or even Justin Beiber's songs (yuk yuk).

We sing with our hearts out while taking our showers. In everything we do, we never forget to keep singing in between. You go out and everyone you see is having their headset on while listening to their favorite playlist or tuning in to their favorite radio stations.

We Filipino love music, that's why I keep asking my self every time I'm singing along with any songs I like. Am I supposed to be here? It's like I'm not belong here! So frustrating, I can't sing - oh the horrible truth (lol).

'Nuff said.

And, speaking of Pinoy singer. You know AI (American Idol) is an exciting reality show for most Filipinos because atleast every season, a Filipino talent is competing. I mean with a country of poverty, natural disaster and corruption. Our moral booster is by seeing our own going big somewhere and we love to shout it to the world that it's our own even fact-of-the-matter, only 10% of Filipino blood is running in that person's whole being. See, that's Filipino pride. Assuming: It's more fun in the Philippines. Lol.

And this season of AI, another promising Filipina managed to be in contention after enduring the sudden-death round when she soulfully rendered "Ain't No Way". From Anchorage, Canada, the 5-ft, 17 year old Adriana Latonio in a flowy mullet skirt and sky-high heel belted her way with a Aretha Franklin signature song that vowed all the judges.

Nikki Minaj even call her a little ladybug because she's tiny but can transformed into a giant when singing on stage. Minaj added, if she's a Filipino and she replied with conviction and pride, "Yes, Ma'am".

So do you think she's the next Jessica Sanchez?