People Power: Right the Wrongs of the Past

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I woke up today twenty minutes past eleven - surprise, it's in the morning this time, lol. I was on the sink brushing my teeth when I heard someone's talking somewhere near me.

She said, "It's good, it's a holiday today". "Huh"! I replied her back. Then I realized, I'm a bit rude (lol) for a morning greetings. So I added back the comment, "Oh is it?. What is it this time?". Asking her why today is a holiday. "Oh, you don't remember. Today is People Power anniversary". In my heart I want to add, "Is it worth celebrating"? Lol.

It was Manang, watering her plants and feeding her two yellow African lovebirds boisterously screeching. I told her, "I'm not really aware, today is a holiday. I lost count of the days, I think." I told her while grinning. "I'm more concern on who's gonna win the Oscars", in my mind, lol.

Then she started to be historical, she recounted how it's like during the People Power back in the summer of '87. Oy, sounds like a title of a song, eh (lol). Okay, that one is just a spoiler, you know me. I'm, spoiled, haha.


We keep on bragging the world, that it was us who contributed to this so-called peaceful trend of ousting a leader. It sounds noble but it become an annoyance if you use it everytime you need attention.

Leftist always use this tactics. Oh hell.

Twenty seven years after People Power, we are still the same. We may have freed from the dictatorial Marcos but we are still a slave of corruption, poverty and of our government.

Our public servants are busy politicking while their constituents are starving waiting for the help they have promised.

In commemoration of the event PNoy signed a landmark law, Human Rights Victim Reparation and Recognition Act of 2013. Compensating human rights victims of dictator Ferdinand Marcos. The government allocated Php 244 million or Php 10 billion pesos to be distributed to thousands of victims; from tortured, raped or detained and for the relatives of those who have killed.

The innitiative is in line with goverment's effort to the "right the wrongs of the past" program, part of the "Tuwid na Landas" campaign.