The Milking cow

That includes PNoy, lols.

Calling someone a cow is foul; I remember Victoria Beckam called Naomi Campbell a cow over some differences. But I think they have solved whatever loose feelings they had and the last time I heard about them was they were collaborating a fashion show or something like that.

The phrase “milking cow” just suddenly popped up my mind, this after I had a conversation with the boyfriend of my friend who works in a government agency. BJMP (Bureau of Jail Management and Penology) to be exact, he was telling me about his boss who after almost two years of being transferred in Quezon City Jail he already acquired two cars and two houses located in a posh village of the city. He further added how it was easy to make money by working in the government.

Oh corruption!

That’s why I do not like people who work in the government, especially the f****** politicians. You can hardly find a few good men who really work honestly in the government. Red-tape is widespread. These f*** of people are making the government purse as their milking cow. I wish lightning would come to them and burned them one-by-one.

Isn’t it ironic? We all knew for the fact that government salaries are way to disappointing but look at the politicians they would let go of their morals just to have a government post and same goes to some of its government employees and you can never tell an agency that works honestly even those involves with charity, take PCSO for instance.

Now, let’s go back to the story of the boyfriend of my friend. He said that the government allocates P50 as food allowance of inmates per day. And Quezon City Jail has a total of 3,000 inmates so basically the government has allocated P150,000 per day. But truth of the matter, according to his story the P150,000 allowance is for a three day consumption, so imagine where the P300,000 went?

No doubt, I can buy two cars and two houses with a P300,000 in a week. Every one of us already knew about these stories and we have installed new leaders for so many times and yet the problem existed.

It is very unfortunate of us to have a government that sucks. And I don’t think PNoy is the answer.

How many times do we really need taking chances?