True Blood

Superheroes stories always appeal me so vampire stories are no exception. I started liking bloodsucking heroes by reading comic books. I am always a Marvelite so I dig everything about Marvel. And Blade is one of the respected figures in Marvel Dom. So obviously, it started with Blade and it so happen that Blade story is not a typical Vampire story where in all Vampire heroes love to suck bloods and kill human. I’m a person who would usually go against the norm, eccentricity tickles me so most of the time people or my friends would always find me weird which of course, I blushed reluctantly hearing the comment, lols.

Its weekend and it’s my rest day, so I wake up 10 in the morning and immediately open my computer, uh I missed playing DotA and so while biting pandesal (salt bread) and sipping hot coffee in between, my hands were busy with the keyboard.

Then, I was thinking what to post in my blog; I wasn’t paying attention to my blog lately due to busy schedules. I came home late at night most of the time and very tired. I had a sudden changed in my work schedule, I am now working in broad daylight which my system trying to re-adjust. I love working at night, I have actually gained weight with a night routines, I think; days are much too bright (lol, Smashing Pumpkins?) for me.

And I remember, I was supposed to finish watching season 2 of True Blood, so why not write about it. It’s a breakthrough and a hit TV Series days these.

So for this post I’ll talk about True Blood. The reason I pick this series because it stars Anna Paquin, and I love her because she’s Rogue in the X-Men movies which by the way my favorite Superheroes of all time – the X-Men.

True Blood is a HBO series created by Alan Ball, the same person who made the award winning “Six Feet Under”. This Vampire story is like the sexier, bloodier older sister of the relative well-behaved Twilight. Based on the Southern Vampire novels by Charlaine Harris where Vampires have just begun coming-out and progressed from legendary monsters to fellow citizens overnight after a Japanese invention the synthetic blood substitute called True Blood was publicly introduced.

And while humans have been safely removed from the menu, many remain apprehensive about them “coming out of the coffin”. Religious leaders and the small Louisiana town of Bon Temps, the jury is still out.

Oscar winner Anna Paquin stars as the telepathic waitress, Sookie Stackhouse, however, knows how it feels to be an outcast being cursed with the ability to listen in on peoples thoughts, she’s also open-minded about the integration of vampires and actually falls hard to a handsome 173-year-old Civil War veteran vampire, Bill Compton played by Stephen Moyer and immediately drawn into a series of mysteries surrounding Bills arrival in Bon Temps.

But their romantic romps aren’t the only draw for these Vampire series; the existence between the humans and vampires is an uneasy one, and people are dying. But clothes fall to the floor almost as often as blood splatters the walls in this show that blends supernatural horrors.

I do not like the first few episode of this series simply because it’s too loud and vulgar not to mention gross but halfway through, I find it interesting and I specifically love the Season II. I am looking forward to complete this series.

So how the series appeal to you? Would you love to try it? Happy watching then.