Google Adwords

I was greeted by a mail in front of my door when I went home yesterday evening. It’s from Google, seeing the logo I thought my Adsense have reach the $100 mark.

I opened it immediately and found out it’s a Google Adwords free advertising voucher worth Php 1,500.00. Wow, nice I thought, and then I noticed the expiry date will be tomorrow and I don’t have internet access at home, my Globe Visibility won’t work in Windows 7.

So basically speaking I’ll wait for tomorrow to come so I can test it in my office. I heard about Ad word and its credibility being a good source of income online.

Let’s find out tomorrow how it works. For now, back to watching Glee 2, it’s a Britney episode. I am not a Glee fan but you see I like Britney Spears.

Hit me baby, one more time. Lol.


i received one as well, while reading about adwords i found out that there is still initial fees i don't if this free voucher can help my ads but if i dont use this one today still valid until oct 15 but the value decreases by 500 right.

@ eric doesn't it ask for a credit card information?