The Misadventure of A_lamat da Badigard!

Yesterday, I had to request my friend to dropped me at EDSA-BONI instead of the usual place she’s dropping me home because I need to visit Robinsons’ Pioneer. I woke up last morning all sweats and in heat, to think that I am all SOFT, lol.

My Electric fan ceased from functioning; it stopped moving as if Malfoy had just shouted “Stupefy”. It took me 15 minutes to investigate and supposed to fix it but damn I’m only human (ehem, well sometimes, lol). My attempt was futile, it won’t spin.

So my best option is to buy a new one, and that’s the reason I had to drop at Robinson. I came late at 9:30, all the doors were closed. I’m supposed to ask the guard if they’re closing but I remember Vice Ganda and I don’t want the guard answering me with “Ay hindi nagsasara-sarahan lang kami”, haha.

So I have no choice but to find a jeepney queued at the nearest terminal. I was having hard time sitting with only half of my behind touching the seat, damn I was sweating again. The good thing my agony lasted only for a couple of minutes because after a block away the lady seated beside me shouted for a stop, so I was able to sit comfortably.

I’m tired and I was starving and craving for a pizza fries, so I decided to drop at the nearest Greenwich. I ordered pizza fries the big one (they call it sharing), macaroni salad (plus) and a tropicooler, buko pandan. But the lady in the register apologizes and said that buko pandan is not available. A buko pandan tropicooler is always in my menu every time I’m visiting Greenwich. The saleslady suggested some other drinks which all I have declined. I waited for my order and it’s quite a time, grrr I don’t like waiting for too long. After a long more minute my order finally served.

Greenwich is just a walk away from home so this time I decided not to take a ride. I had my laundry the other day and I am supposed to pick it. So I go directly to the laundry shop, then they said to come back after 20 minutes because they were still folding it, I spotted one of the helper folding my jacket actually, so I have no choice but to go straight to home.

What the f*** is going on? Who is behind this conspiracy?

I want to go ballistic and unleash my Wolverine side, not the healing factor but the berserk wolverine. But I realized they were nice people and the reason I have to cross two blocks away for my laundry, this despite the fact that there’s a laundry shop near my place because they were really nice. And I mean really nice not those who only acting nice.

Imagine how frustrated I was that evening? I hate it when things won’t go my way. I cursed to every living and non-living things near me, lol.

So any idea, when I found out that the company I have worked for nearly decade suddenly declared bankruptcy and ceasing all my benefits? If the Quirino Grandstand taking happened earlier before the bankruptcy, I swear I’ll be on Twitter trending topic by that time, haha.

I really hate it when things I wanted would fail. I mean, it’s due for me, there’s no reason it would go wrong? That ain’t fare for crying-out-loud. I declare Jihad for that, lol.

Uh, I'm busted! lol

How about you? Have you been in my shoes before? I'm size 13 btw haha!