Misadventure continues

Oh I wish I am a CISCO certified!

I think I have blogged about it, perhaps some six months ago, I'm not sure though, lol. I had a post about my friends and I having ventured into this Internet Café business. And it so happened that one of my friends (my partners) has this Astaro box (the free version which can only accomodate up to 5 client stations) given to her by a close friend (her friend) and as part of our security plan, we decided to have it tried if it work for us.

The day was Sunday, yes just last Sunday. We had to put “Close for maintenance” sign while we were deciphering how to make it running. Astaro is a strange name for me, if you ask me and so with my friends. So despite the cluelessness but with the help of a downloaded PDF manual, we took chances and after four hours of unplugging and transferring the cable to Astaro box, modem, router, switch and vice versa, we have it worked

The Internet is working but after configuring five of the workstations, the Internet died.

That was the bad news, the good news, well, atleast we knew how to make it work and to accommodate all our workstations we have planned of putting firewall box that each would be capable of managing 5 workstations. But we decided we’re going to do it in a later time so we reconfigured the network back to its original state, and that's without the Astaro, ofcourse.

Now, the real bad news starts here. Some of our work stations, three to be exact were giving a 169.254.x.x IP address. And as per research, it says that if your PC is giving this kind of address then it means your PC is next to useless or actually useless.

And why?

Well, you cannot access your network, you cannot access Internet, it’s like your PC is in total isolation.

We have tried renewing and realeasing the IP, using IPCONFIG /renew and IPCONFIG /release but it gets an error and terminate the action. Then I tried resetting the Winsock and this time using netsh winsock reset since it runs in XP, but still the 169.254.x.x series keep on appearing.

So, I proceed resetting the network stack, with this command netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt. Then I tried to run the IPCONFIG, yes it work, the IP was back to 192.168.x.x very excited about my accomplishment, I ran it again and this time it back to the annoying 169.254.x.x grrrrr!

I’m desperate, so I re-install the OS but after installing it stilh gets the same error. Our last resort is to buy a new network adapter or double check the cabling. We were tired so we left it that way.

We haven’t fixed it until now as a matter of fact so anyone want to extend helps. I’m desperate; I want to commit suicide now, lol.