Inside the box

I’m feeling guilty I can’t blog regularly, still a busy week for me, I swear. Well, just to give you updates on what’s happening with me these days, not that you really want to know but I insist you should know, lol.

And as I have blabbed about it last time, my focus still on learning PHP and so far, I think I am promising, wow ahaha.

Now, if you are following this blog, well provided there’s someone who would really waste time reading my daily rants or I mean bi-weekly rants. I have mentioned that my sister will be sending me box of chocolates. And last weekend, Sunday to be exact, I was forced to go to the Airport to pick my items, my sister’s friend was kind enough to hand carry the said boxes. And so to return the gesture, I have promised to accompany her at NAIA Terminal 3, she got a connecting flight going to General Santos via Cebu Pacific.

It’s my first time to set foot in that place for the reason; I never tried flying Cebu Pacific. Well, I was told about the inconvenience it could give you by flying with them. Well, from what I have seen, I would agree. Can you imagine waiting for the time of your departure without chairs, does it sounds like an agony to you now? Not to mention most of their flights are delayed. And, I just noticed every passenger is carrying outrageous baggage, que horror.

That’s the reason; I only fly Philippine Airlines every time I visit my family back in the province. Their domestic flights are actually way better than their international, lols.

So would you like to peek on what’s inside my box? Here’s a photo I have taken using the webcam of my lappy. I don’t have camera and my cellphone won’t give any good result either so might as well use my laptop.

This is my favorite Cadbury Flakes, I would always ask a special request to my sister every time she would send us package. I won't trade this to a box of perfumes or to a rolex watch, yeah i swear lol.