Major major and the Crab Mentality

I thought we Filipinos are free from this mentality, after seeing those Bayanihan spirits we have shown on several occasions when our country was stricken by calamities and for having a Filipino who was chosen the ultimate CNN Hero.
Crab MentalityCrab mentality, is one treat that still exist among us

I am talking about this ‘Crab mentality’ instinct. According to, it’s a way of thinking that best describe by this phrase “If I can’t have it, neither should you”. This metaphor refers to a pot of crabs that longs for an escape but failed because they’re grabbing each other. In simplest words, you resent for the success of others.

I had a conversation with a friend and while we were avoiding harsh words to be thrown to each other, the topic ended as hot. It started when I commented on her wall (FB) using the words, ‘major major’ for some humor factor. But she’s very quick to rebut it, which sounded like sarcasm to me that of course, I do not like.

She said, that the more people use that words (major major), the more they are unaware that they are actually contributing to Venus Raj popularity. My point is, so what if people making her popular. After what she got for us, I think she deserves to be one, right?

But for my friend, Venus don’t deserve such treatment simply because what she have answered was unacceptable by using those two words (major major), for her Venus answer was idiotic and shameful to the Filipino people, and the world would think Filipina are just beautiful faces with no brains.

I hate the word unaware, it makes me the dumbest person in the world, lol!

Looking back to Venus answer, I don’t think it was shameful though it wasn’t good, I must say. I mean it’s just a mediocre answer and this ‘major major’ thing, perhaps she forgot that it’s only in the Philippines that when emphasizing a thing we have to repeat the word, as in super, super like - okay, okay.

The controversial answer of Venus Raj during the Miss Universe 2010
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I can’t imagine why there are people who can easily forget the things (the good one) a person have done because of one simple mistake. I think its human nature to quickly find the flaws of the others as if we are the perfect one.

So what about you guys? Aren’t you happy with what Venus accomplished? Or you are one of those who think she’s a shame to our country?

Do you think she's a ‘major major’ blunder? Lol!