Losing my virginity is my biggest mistake!


Better grab it while it's still hot. So without further ado, I present to you another kwentong alamat (ehem, SEO ba ito haha) featuring the biggest, the most famous and the ‘major major’(SEO talaga wakokok) Queen of all pageant (lol), Miss Melanie Marquez.

I always like Melanie Marquez being a natural born comedienne, I myself can’t help grinning every time I hear her talks on some of her interviews.

And being a beauty queen herself and a very popular one, she was asked what would be her take about Miss Universe 4th runner up Venus Raj’s answer during the pageant which she modestly answered that Venus must have had encountered nervousness after hearing the name of the handsome judge William Baldwin. And it's a norm for a contestant to get nervous and she’s appealing the public to stop making fun of Venus answer and instead be proud of her.

She then compared her situation back when she was crowned Miss International in 1979 and recalled she even committed a ‘major major’ mistake during the question and answer when instead of ‘legs’ she have said as ‘legged’ and comically added that it was a relief having all foreigners as judges, lol!

It can be recalled that pageant’s host Eddie Mercado asked her what part of her body she wants to change and her answer was this: “I like everything about me, I am contented with my long legged”.

Now going back to her ‘major major’ interview. She said that the question for Venus is very easy and if she would answer it, it would have been like this. “My biggest mistakes would have been losing my virginity when I was already holding the title of Miss International” while laughing and added an alternative one, “My biggest mistake is running away from home and finding my way back”.

Melanie is always a joy to watch!

Now to the detractors of Venus (who happened to be all Filipinos, by the way) stop flattering yourself, listen to Tita Melanie okay.

I think it is so stupid of us to pull our own by a simple mistake. If you are so concern about what the world perceive us, think of Quirino grandstand hostage, Maguindanao massacre, Abu sayyaf and what else? Come on now do you think they would condemn us because of that major, major? You are exaggerating.

I have read this foreign website, a Canadian based paper that features Venus Raj. The paper states that after heavily favored to win the pageant why Miss Philippines failed to grab the crown. Did she answer her question, wrong? With a video clipping of her answer they came out with these summarized phrases, "In my 22 years of existence I can say there is nothing major. Because I am very confident with my family, with the love that they are giving to me.

Take note they do not even make a fuss about the ‘major major’ and actually find her answer okay aside from the angle that it was unlikely for a 22 year-old person not to commit any major mistakes in her entire existence that maybe judges were not impressed.

I think I want to be a crab buster now, aside from being a superhero, lol!

Now answer me, what is your biggest mistake committed so far?

Mine was losing my virginity at 17 haha.