Moday Cuteness: Oh no, Aragog Jr. molted again!

It is always a joy seeing your adopted tarantula molting but after a year of the process despite looking more lovely and beautiful after having new skin. To the owners it means the time of being with them is getting shorter, it’s a realization that is inevitable.

It’s like Benjamin Button, the more you see him younger and younger the more he is near to the place called, ‘the six feet under’.
Aragog, Jr. and his molted skin
sorry for the image quality, I used my webcam to capture the event, lol.

My tarantula, and I called him Aragog Jr., I named it after Hagrid’s famous arachnids’ Aragog. I blogged about him the last time he was molting, it was on 02 July 2010 and yesterday 27 August 2010, he molted again.

Aragog, Jr. is a 19-month old male tarantula which specie belongs to the Chaco golden knee (Grammostola pulchripes); named from its attractive golden bands that surrounds its legs. And with a typical lifespan of 2 to 4 years for the male, shorter compare to its female counterpart who can live for as long as 30 years.

Molting is the process that a tarantula has to go through until they became adult and unlike the female, which continue to molt after reaching adulthood in the case of the male, they stop molting and started finding for their mate or just wait until they die.

It saddened me thinking that he will soon be gone, I find him really cute and lovely, I don’t want him banished this soon.

Now I’m thinking for his replacement, I want something who could last for eternity, lol. I am considering a Sugar glider or a chin (chinchilla).
So any of you can recommend me something that would make a good pet, oh by-the-way I don’t like dogs, cats or snakes.

Here’s a wonderful video I found over at youTube of how the molting process is like. Get a glimpse!

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You read Harry Potter! Cool. hehe. Di ko lang trip yung spiders (sorry!).