Farting Time!

Lately I noticed, I’ve been farting non-stop as in every seconds or so. Though I must say it’s not smelly, I mean the odorless one and the good thing it’s not loud haha.
pandesalPandesal is a rounded bread usually eaten by Filipinos (us), made of
flour, eggs, lard, yeast, sugar and salt
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Well, after experiencing mayhem caused by that much publicized hostage taking drama days ago. I think it’s best to lighten-up our moods and while it is true that we are still mourning over the loss of those who were victims of the tragedy but what we can do for now I think is to offer them prayers and may their souls may rest in peace and that what happened would be a learning experience to all of us and that it won’t happen again.

So to change the mood, now I bring you my usual kwentong alamat (myths about me, lol).

Yes, it’s about farting this time and this started even before the hostage taking drama. All I remembered was that I have eaten 15 pieces of Pandesal (salt bread) in one sitting. Pan de Manila is just a walk away from home so every morning Pandesal is my usual breakfast. I usually buy 6 pieces of the small ones because that’s the only number I can manage to eat. But last Sunday without any motivation I bought 15 pieces and eating it non-stop while watching ‘The Vampire Diaries’. All I can say; butter and hot pandesal is a perfect combination plus hot coffee in between is a classic morning.

Then in the afternoon I started farting and this continue every day until today! The good thing it’s discreet and the smell too, lol. So no one really knew, I just farted on them ahahaha.

Now don’t go near me, I'm serious! lol


Can I have some pandesal please?

Chubskulit, sige ayan kuha lang wag masyado madame baka ututin ka din haha.

Thanks for dropping.