Monday Cuteness: Sugar Glider

I love to have this cute creature to be my pet. I have a friend who like Kuya Kim (Matanglawin) has this fondness with animals (this is my other friend, not the one with the power). It gives me the creep every time I visit their house with all those kinds of animals; it’s like a mini zoo. There are snakes of different colors and a boa but I hate snakes so I don’t pay them even a glance. I’m afraid they would say HI to me by just staring them. Who knows I am a parseltongue, lol! He also pairs of Eye rings (love birds) in various and very delightful colors.
My friend Coy, playing with his Sugar glider

But what I like a lot about in his collections are the two cute Sugar Gliders. They make a good pet because aside from being clean they are also playful. He was actually persuading me to buy one, I’m almost tempted but at four thousand (Php 4,000) apiece, it made me grasp and settle for one of his tarantulas, instead.

Here’s the cute video I found over at Youtube about a sugar glider just to give you the idea why I love to have this as my pet.

Video Credit

So what do you think? Is this creature worth the penny? Well, don’t worry I’ll blog about it when I get one, lol!

Have a cute Monday, everyone!