Wolvie is blogging!

That’s right! He is blogging right now (ehem); thanks to his adamantium claw er I mean his healing power. Well, if you are following my blog closely or let say distantly (provided there’s someone who would really waste time reading my posts, lol). Yesterday, I left you with a thought of cutting my wrist just to prove myself on my new found power which is healing ala the cheer-leader Claire Bennett. As foretold by my psycho of a friend, I mean a psychic friend.
Left: The Feral Wolverine of the X-Men, Right: The Rebel leader Longshot of the Mojoverse

But you see when I’m on the verge to cut my wrist, immediately it came to my attention about my phobia of blood. And do you really think I want to die because of staring spurt of blood - no way, it so uncool for a hero, you know, lol.

I’m still puzzled about this new power (adik kung adik ahaha) because genetically speaking I am very normal (that’s according to me, I don't know what's the take of the others, though). But I know for the fact that sometimes some strange behaviors would just come on me. Like, I can sense when a person is a good guy or a bitch, by simply interpreting their over-all gestures. You know the way they talk, the body movements and other mannerism, something like that. Also I have this power similar to Longshot – the luck; although I do not need a psionic field in order to transform them into a good luck, mine is just plain raw and pure energy, lol. Yeah, I’m feeling lucky most of the times and I don’t need a ‘felix felicis’ for that matter, cool huh!

Now, this friend whom the culprit of all my paranoia promised to teach me what I can do aside from my already manifested abilities. Well, the fact that I’m dying to be a Kapitan Sino of sort, so why not – coconut, toinkz.

This friend I am talking about is seriously drawn to these paranormal things (as in parang hindi na siya normal, haha). Weeks ago he told me, he was into past life readings and exaggeratedly telling me that he was almost crying when found out how he died in his past life (the year was 1920). According to him, he was an English aristocrat named Noel who died in a cave from suffocation. He was trapped in a chilling cave. Then I said, “Wow, that is COOL!”, lol!