Sniff, sniff, I am Wolverine

I have been told, I have the power of healing (Huh, Claire isdatyu, toinkz). Whoah, it’s impossible but the thought of having to share that power with old knuckle head, man ain’t that cool? So at once, I believe with all my heart, haha.

I have this friend who I think is the last remnants of Godric Gryffindor, he is a witch. He can do a lot of abnormal things. Yeah seriously, he can make object animate by just staring it (telekinesis) though I doubt if he can make himself glow while at it like the Phoenix.
Uncanny X-MEN Wolverine, James 'Logan' Howlett

He is a superhero of sort, you know people with extra-ordinary powers aside from the usual (kilikili [arm-pit] power, lol), of course. He is also a telepath, like Charles Xavier (Professor X, X-Men) who can read minds of the others. He even told me that he can relay a message to his sister through their minds and like him his sister possesses the same power only that she’s a receiver. I mean, she can’t send-out a message to the other.

He can foretell the course of your future by just seeing your aura and he can also interpret dreams. Grand is it? Believe me, I am a living testament.

Now back to my so-called new found ability. I told him, it couldn’t be, although I have never been hospitalized in my years of existence or at least since my infant day’s fact-of-the-matter - that’s because I have to endure all the pain till it subsides every time I gets hurt, lol. I mean, I haven’t seen my wounds slowly regenerating new skins by just staring it like Claire Bennet.

But he insisted, I have the instinct of Wolverine and his healing factor, so he advised me to trust him and find out how to develop it. This is grand, I swear and I am not even reading comics these days and worse I am not sleeping, waaah this is a big joke?

I know ever since I am like Wolvie, many can attest to that. But it was the FERAL Logan that they always seen on me, haha.

So do you think I am a superhero now? Wait, I’ll cut my wrist let see if I can still blog tomorrow, lol!


adik ka talaga Den nyahaha!
natawa ako dito!

Geek ka talaga...

@Libay naglelevel-up ako parang farmville hehe