Neobux the best PTC

I swear I am one of those who earlier registered when Neobux still in its Beta state. And during those time part of their pre-launch campaign is to change the face of PTC (Paid-to-click). PTC is one of the earliest initiator of online money making opportunities and during those times most PTCs were categorized as scam.

The first 10 days of my membership were kind of okay but no big deal at all. At two advertisements a day, of course I was bored. Finally after a month of being a member I put Neobux at bay oh no, not just Neobux but some of the PTCs I am joining as well.
I have something of new interest that I was no longer paying attention even to my blogging; I concentrated on Facebook, especially on Pet Society and FarmTown lols.

Every day I was seen competing in Pet Society’s stadium (Pet Society) while tripping on the banana peels in between or in the market place (FarmTown) hoping that someone would hire me to harvest their crops.

Then while in Facebook, I met my former officemate who was into serious blogging and immediately envy her (lol) because she’s all bragging about the incentives she gets from blogging. Without further any motivations I started to update my blog but lo and behold my Alexa was dropped at 20M, it ranked at 260,079 when I left.

My blog needs a serious makeover and after being active, now I’m proud that my Alexa is now slowly climbing at 747,708 to date, Yahoo!

And because I’m back with my blogging so is the exposure to the world of money making opportunities and Neobux is one of the respected names when it comes to earning money legitimately.

I tried to open my previous account but it gets me an error that my account was locked due to its inactivity. I was still hopeful and registered for another username.

Last May 23, 2010 I was able to reach the minimum cash-out requirement so I requested my first pay out. It took three days after it was credited to my Paypal. Wow! That’s fast for a PTC and yesterday I requested my second and this time in real time. As in a minute after my request my Paypal was updated as well.

I’m planning to do the upgrade one of these days but $90 seems to be too big but knowing Neobux credibility, I think I want to try it.
So how about you, have you started earning at Neobux already? Well, if you don’t have the account yet better click here and register now. Pronto! Lol.

Even falling leaves..
has its own story to tell, ikaw ano ang kwentong alamat mo?


I really recommend you upgrade to Golden once you have enough money to do it. I'm 5 months into my Golden membership and I'm near getting all my investments back.

Just don't spend too much on renting referrals 'cause that's what's going to ruin everything for you. Don't believe everyone saying that you should get a higher upgrade pack. You're just going to lose money and work hard in getting your investments back.

I only kept 200 rented refs, and I've got about 80 direct refs, and I'm doing okay.

Good luck! :)

Thank you very much for that very insightful tips blankPixels, I would definitely make that pointers put into consideration when I do the upgrade.

Thanks again, and thanks for dropping and for the comment.