The Rants of the baldhead: SONA 2010

As expected (in his SONA) he was blaming about the Arroyo’s excessive, how Arroyo administration left the government purse with empty money as if we had more money before Arroyo was installed and beside ain’t it his duty to fill it up?

With P196.7 billion budget deficit, he says that only 1% of the P1.54 trillion budget for 2010 can be spent per month for the rest of the year.

And so he calls for a total change in the government and this should come not just from the government itself but he asked also for the involvement of all (us: the Filipino people) which of course a good gesture for someone who really want changes.

Oh that is very good to hear, very Obama if you ask me but please PNOY make sure you won’t be golfing during our Independence Day, okay.

And speaking of changes can you please elaborate us of the solutions to the problem, how do we solve it er I mean how do YOU solve it, so we can achieve that so-called CHANGE. You are all enumerating of the problems but never give us how to solve it, come on you are a president now.

Don’t tell me by negating the Wangwang (Siren) is part of your solutions? Excuse me you’re always late for all I know.

Even falling leaves..
has its own story to tell, ikaw ano ang kwentong alamat mo?