Singer Memories (In Memoriam)

The story of the Singer Sewing Machine Company is a grand tale, full of larger-than-life characters, dreamers and adventurers, statesmen and rogues. It unfolds over 150 years, and impacts historical events and movements all over the globe. The history of this most secretive of corporations is a detective story, full of twists and turns, of adventure, drama, and pathos. It encompasses greatness and failed dreams.

When I was opening my Facebook which of course these days has become a daily habit to some (I am one of that some, lol), I noticed a red notification at the top left menu, the Messages. I opened my FB mailbox and my former boss in my previous company I was working, the Singer Sewing Machine Company or presently known as Singer Philippines, Inc. well, until its closure anyway, invited me to join a group that would consist purely of people who previously worked from the company.

In short, I joined the group and was very surprise that the people behind the group were employees of Singer, back before the declaration of Martial Law. Father and mother would have been starting dating by that time.

The group had pictures uploaded; in their Singer days, a picture of a happy family and it’s so cool seeing them in black and white photos, it so vintage (lol) with that hair so shiny and so polished for the boys that Typhoon Basyang would even be intimidated touching it while the girls sporting with a magnificent big blown hair. My mother would call it “tis”, a very popular hair style in the 60/70. I think, it’s the signature looks of that era. Mother herself has a lot of picture with that kind of hairstyle, and so does every girl in the photos.

The group wants to encourage those people, who for once in their life made Singer a part of their lives, hear their stories, the Singer way - happy or the otherwise.

The initiators of this FB group were no doubt part of the glory days of Singer. Oh, how I wish I belong to that era, lol.

Well, I started my career with Singer. I was insisting my parent I will continue my college in Manila but my Uncle very concerned I may not be doing good in school, because for-crying-out-loud he said, I am a promdi (from the province). That instant, I started to love the word Jihad; I want my uncle to be the first victim. And then he added, instead he wants to enroll me in a two-year computer course program while I am familiarizing myself from the Manila way of life.

To cut the story short, I enrolled to the program and when the time I was looking for a company for my OJT (on-the-job-training), my uncle who happens to be attending on one of his weekly meetings with his brothers at the Lion’s Club, he met a colleague and good friend and fellow brother from PSME (Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers) Mr. Bulanadi (blessed his soul) and asked if his company wants an OJT. Mr. Bulunadi was I think the Warehouse Manager of Taytay (SIPI) at that time, and he said that their Central Office needed one more EDP staff, for encoders.

To cut it short again, I was referred and I was hired. Since then, I’m hooked with Singer. Singer was my first job. The environment was friendly; a perfect place for someone’s starting his first ever job. I started to love Singer (yeah! Swear I once loved Singer), and starting collating fun memories and making friends (bosses and rank and files alike); I made some my very best friends, until this very day.

Life in Singer those days was an experience that I was doing full-time to attending both my college and work. I have asked the bosses (HR, Controller, and my immediate head) if they could give me an extra favor by making my time flexible so I can still go to school every day, since UE (University of the East) is a ride away from Port Area office.

And I was very fortunate that they never failed my request. I finished my college and still continue working with Singer. New faces come and go and many tempting opportunities keep knocking on my doors that all I have declined - I stayed. Why? IT’S MY CHOICE!

Then old faces started to fade and new management was in progress. A Sri Lankan General Manager was installed. The start of SSMC’s road to perdition, the once great institution has fallen from grace. Singer was under the dictatorship, that bloody Sri Lankan (Hi to all Sri Lankan sorry for the word, I am not a racist, that was intended for one person only, peace brothers) wants to be the god. He was right in every f***ing way! In his f***ing wrong way! And to survive, leeches are starting coming in his side.

Anomalous transactions became a norm. Un-identifiend bank transfers suddenly showing un-expectedly but no one would dare keep the audit. Those, who have access to money, started having great ideas (to their advantage). A wallpaper that cost a million? Are you kidding me!

Singer Philippines have died, un-expectedly!

It encompasses greatness..

Those were the days!

..and failed dreams!
Thanks for the memories

Even falling leaves..
has its own story to tell, ikaw ano ang kwentong alamat mo?


oo nga master ang singer ang unang family bilang empleyado.... at dito nahubog ang aking pagkatao....

salamat ng marami.... at thank you for the form 6..... lol....

Tumpak ferdz, nakakapanghinayang lang na nauwi lang sa wala, dahil sa iilang mga mukhang pera, na walang mga pera..

awwww, maalala ko yung singer na makina ng nanay ko mas matanda pa kesa akin tapos gamit pa din niya hanggang ngayon, nice to know this info... BTW,

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