EON Debit Card new policy

This is quite a bad news for EON Debit Card holders (including me) because Unionbank as indicated in their website. Starting August 1, 2010 a new policy on withdrawal fees will be implemented.The bank will now charge you P10 as withdrawal fee on your third and succeeding withdrawals within the month, this despite using a Unionbank ATMs. Withdrawal from a non Unionbank ATMs remains at P12 though, that’s the good news.

So unless it is not very important limit yourself from withdrawing more than twice in a month as not to be charged with additional P10.But if you are an oDesk freelancer who withdraw your earnings every weeks from Paypal, a P20-peso deduction is not that big really but if your earnings, is less than $155 or P7000 that means additional charge of P50 for you.

But then again EON brings you convenience so what is P120 anyway?

Even falling leaves..
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