Government As Usual!

We are ready to go! Our tickets are ready. We have already booked for a seven nights stay, from July 14 to July 21 at The Luxe Manor Hotel.

Yeehaw! Hongkong, here we cum (lol).

Oh, wait! Where’s my passport? Huh!

Yeah, exactly where is my passport?

Uh well, that’s my problem. Unfortunately, until this very moment I don’t have the passport.

For weeks this has been my target to have the bloody passport as quick as possible before the 14th, imagine all the efforts I had to go through?

The idea of getting myself caught in those insanely long lines at DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs) gave me the paranoia that I opted to come and get the help of the third party services even I know it would cost me more than half of the usual fee.

I went to LBC and apply; they advised me to call the passport hotline for the requirements. I called the hotline and the aging lady (well, she sounded like one) answered and advised me to bring my BC (birth certificate) and as much as possible the sealed one coming from NSO (National Statistics Office) and two primary IDs. I told her I only have the BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue) card and the Postal ID. She said Postal ID is considered as secondary, and then she suggested me to get the NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) Clearance instead.

I hanged the phone hopeful. I was thinking NBI Clearance is the easiest of the lot. Of course, I am wrong. Why, I’ll tell you later?

I never had NBI Clearance, I don’t know if I am just a very innocent looking person that my employers do not require me to provide the document. I mean, NBI clearance is a standard HR requirements, right?

I have my SSS Number but I don’t have the card. The last time, I applied for the card they advised me to go to the main office because the machine that took photos was broke down. I went to the main office with the thought I’ll be doing all the requirements in one day. They advised me to come after three days for the photo shoot. I did not come back.

I am a legitimate voter of my precinct but I don’t have the Voter’s ID and I don’t have the Driver’s License simply because I don’t have car to drive lol.

Seriously, if not that necessary I won’t get these so-called government documents, I hate the idea of submitting myself to the air-headed government employees. I mean, just because you badly needed these things they would act as if they were very important to the point as if you want to beg from them. Excuse me!

I was trying really hard to fight my temperament just to have this NBI Clearance. The First day, I went to NBI Taft because I remember a friend when he needed one he went straight to Taft. I am very sure of that because we were actually heading the same way and actually had to share seat inside the FX from Fairview while having a chit-chat when he mentioned about it, I will be dropping at Morayta at that time, I had a morning class at UE while he was going to NBI Taft. Uh very yesterday eh, lol!

NBI was in silence as I entered the vicinity. I asked the guard, I want to get an NBI Clearance. He told me to take the other gate. I followed the instruction. I asked the officer on guard at the other gate about my intention and he told me, bad news. He said, issuance of NBI Clearance is now done at the Victory Mall, Caloocan, added that the new method was implemented way back October, 2009. Whew! I was dismayed and vacated the place without further interrogating the Mamang guard.

I reported that unfortunate plight to some of my friends. Only one responded. He said he got his clearance at NBI Riverbank, Marikina satellite office. With no wasted time I headed straight to Marikina.

I arrived 1:00 pm, I asked one of the guy who obviously waiting for his turn while in queue, on the process of getting the clearance; he was very accommodating and actually accompanied me inside the small office; it was very government if you ask me lol. I approached one of the personnel and asked where to get the number, he told me assigning of number was finished and that I’ll come back the next day. Disappointed, I went home.

Next day was a holiday, P-Noy inauguration so I stayed home. The next day, I arrived at exactly 10:00 in the morning only to hear bad news, again. “No issuance of numbers for new applicants only for renewal, please come back tomorrow”, greeted the sign. Bullshit, I was so pissed. Again I went home, frustrated.

The next day, I was an hour earlier I’m at the vicinity at 9:00 in the morning, I immediately asked some of waiting people in the crowd for the number. And they, answered me in chorus, “Naku tapos na ang bigayan ng number, bukas naman daw ulit” – Uh, giving of number is already finished, next issuance will be tomorrow again. I want to unleashed my Hulk side that instant, I entered the office very angry and asked the person who was giving thumb mark to the applicants.


ME:Anong oras po ba natatapos ang bigayan niyo ng number, tatlong araw na ako pabalik-balik dito
What time do you end giving numbers to the applicants; I’ve been here for three days.
NBI:Alas otso po natatapos ang bigayan ng numbers
We stop issuing numbers at 8 o'clock.
ME: Anong oras kayo nag uumpisang magbigay?
What time do you start giving numbers?
NBI: “Alas otso po”.
Eight o’clock.
ME: Ano, alas otso din? Ilang tao lang ang nabibigyan niyo ng numbers, tapos magsasara kayo ng eksaktong alas kwatro ng hapon. Ang ganda ng gobyerno natin!
What! Still eight o’clock? For how many persons would you only issue a number, and the nerve of you to close at exactly four in the afternoon. This is a very nice government.

'Na ayoko na!

Even falling leaves..
has its own story to tell, ikaw ano ang kwentong alamat mo?