Manny Pacquiao in Mohawk sends me death threat!

Of course it wasn’t the real Manny Pacquaio, lol!

Yesterday, I posted in my Facebook wall about the death threat I have received through my FB inbox. The guy is obviously want to play incognito that he uses the photo of the world’s greatest boxer, the now congressman-elect, Sarangani representative Manny Pacquiao.

Dennis avoid from going outside, I will kill you

The intension of the message obviously wants to intimidate me rather than killing me, I mean if you really want to kill a person, why give him a hint? Uh shut up with the drama!

I am not scared even in the slightest upon reading the message; instead I let some of my friends read it and to my horror it caused them to panic. One of them actually called the baranggay to blotter the event.

It’s my first time to encounter such intimidation, although I am very much aware how people within my 5-meter radius dreading me, lol.

Just because I want them to realize the wrongs they have committed!

I am always the person who won’t tolerate the mistake and would directly tell you in the face of what you have done. Because I firmly believe as to avoid repeating the wrong doings, first you must be aware that you are wrong - I thank you… from the shining, shimmering island of Tahiti, hola! Haha.

And for this, I am always regarded as the BITCH, a person with attitude problem as my former H.R. Manager would describe me and that she had actually stopped all my promotions despite endorsement from various bosses. Uh that git, lol.

And as to give my assassin real hard time, I’m now going out in full metal jacket and in red ala Iron Man lol.

Come get the superhero, quick!