NBC Junked Heroes: Season V

After a continues weak story lines and with a character plots that keep on repeating, and a ratings that steadily dropping, NBC finally exclaimed – IT’S OVER.

HEROES: Season V was put on shelve after NBC decided to pulled the plug; adding that with a high cost of drama and a declining ratings, the show wasn’t worth of another season.

Previously on Heroes, writers have struggled… lol. I mean the show’s writers struggled to keep the twisting narrative on track but failed big time, resulted to wacky plots.

Characters were killed off and resurrected with regularity. Narrative threads were started and then abandoned.

Heroes was first aired in September of 2006 and instantly became a hit, its critically acclaimed first season, composed of 23 episodes gave NBC the highest rating TV Drama that premiere in five years after garnering an average of 14.3 million viewers in the United States. Its second season entered as one of the top 20 programs of 2007-2008, the sole series from NBC.

So they failed to save the cheerleader eh! I can't imagine a world without her. lol

But don’t worry folks according to some sources, Tim Kring, the creator of the series is in talks with NBC to give HEROES a modest goodbye as not to anger its cult of followers and that again according to some sources this could be in a form of a TV special or a movie.

Yaay! I can’t wait to see Hiro in big screen. For the meantime, FREEZE... TIME!