iPAD outsells Mac

Early of May, one month after it was out in the market Apple has announced that iPAD already sold one million units in the United States.

With only one and half month of selling, iPAD is now set to outpace Mac by averaging 200,000 in a week, that’s twice the rate of Mac computers with 110,000 units per week.

Apple marketed iPAD not as a computer but rather a new device that would sit between a laptop computer and a smart phone.

Analysts said that this iPAD phenomenon could also be attributed to the enormous audience who’s interested in netbooks which also sit in the same “in-between” category.

While it isn’t outselling the iPhone with 246,000 units per week during its first quarter of introduction, truth of the matter, iPAD is coming close and it’s difficult to tell yet if iPAD will finally break free and becomes Apple newest hot property.

Launched in April, 2010 which comes in six different configurations, iPAD is Apple’s tablet computer designed for Internet browsing, media consumption, gaming and light content creation.
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