Sarcasn, Arrogance and the PCOS Machines

Yesterday, I was watching the debate on election frauds set by House Committee on Suffrage and Electoral Reforms headed by Makati Representative Teodoro “Teddy Boy” Locsin, Jr. It was the same time as the Showtime of channel 2 but immediately I fixed my channel to GNN, where the debate coverage was aired.

I can’t help myself from grinning; the ambiance was a combination of sarcasm and arrogance. The issue they were debating was on digital signature.

It was reported that some of the PCOS machine has no digital signature and despite of the absence, the PCOS can still and was able to transmit data to its central database which is the COMELEC.

Congressman Roilo Golez asked Smartmatic what is a digital signature (hmm definition of term), “is it in the form a password, just like in the Facebook or your Amazon that you cannot open your account unless you supplied the right username and password”?

Mr. Cesar Flores, Asia-Pacific president of Smartmatic-TIM with an obvious annoyance in the face while displaying arrogance, answered and said that a PCOS machine has a digital signature in itself which is corroborated in the card and the password given to the BEIs. So the moment the BEI log on to a PCOS machine using their security passwords, a digitally signed credentials have already occurred, this designed was made as not to hinder the process of transmitting the data results to its central database when one particular BEI is absent at the premise during the time of transmission.

Another issue was about the CF card, it was noted in early statement that Smartmatic was very firm about their security and that according to them a CF Card cannot be read in any computers or any computer related devices and that only a PCOS machine has the ability to open it.

And to prove that there were actually leaks on Smartmatic security that resulted to election frauds, defeated Mayoral candidate and Congresswoman Rosa Susano of Quezon City presented to the panel a demo that would justify that a CF card can be opened in any computers, in rebuttal to Smartmatic ealier claims.

With an IT tech beside her, they tried to open the CF card using a laptop computer.

Bingo, the air-headed technician was able to open the CF card but the only file they can open is the log file. But then again, a log file is very important if you want to track-down activities of a certain computer, a log file is like the CCTV camera in the form of a text. Opening this file can lead to manipulation, like deleting or adding a particular log. I for one can do this lol.

In the end the committee decided to have an ocular at Smartmatic warehouse, in Cabuyao to test the authenticity of the CF card of Rep. Susano but other congressmen detest to the plan and that suggesting what about an un-controlled place, instead of Smartmatic warehouse obviously citing an idea that Smartmatic can make the entire demo perfect in their home ofcourse.

Last minute before the session was adjourned; Mr. Flores asked Congresswoman Susano how come she had the CF card? The losing mayoral candidate of Quezon City answered back with a smirked in the face. “MR. FLORES THAT IS MY PROBLEM!”.


The team is set to head Cabuyao by Monday.