Clash of the Twittans

Twitter 101: CNN versus Ashton Kutcher

I told you too much of tweeting will drive you crazy. Take celebrity Ashton Kutcher for example, yesterday he challenges CNN, a giant news network for a Twitter popularity contest which ofcourse the Ted Turner owned media company through Larry King CNN host, accepted the challenge with open arms.

The two will race against each other for the fastest to get the 1 million followers in twitter, a micro blogging site where users can post for up to 140-character of messages.

To date no single twitter account has made a 1 million mark of followers according to TwitterCounter and Twitterholic, two sites that keep track on the most popular Twitter user.

And for today’s current ranking, the top spot still belongs to CNN; followed by Britney Spears and trailing behind at number three spot is Ashton Kutcher. In his video, Ashton was very positive he will beat CNN and he promised to donate, 10,000 mosquito beds net to charity for the World Malaria Day late this April if he beats CNN and 1,000 if losses and likewise CNN agreed to do the same.

As of this very hour 3:01PM, Philippine Standard Time (PST), Ashton’s followers are now climbed to 936,814 while CNN still unbeatable at 956,690.

Early forecast of a Croatian IT consultant Marin Purgar, interested with the outcome of the contest has been tracking the rate of the new followers of both Kutcher and CNN. And his projection that by 4PM ET on Thursday, Kutcher will beat CNN and that CNN will hit the 1 million mark by 1PM on Friday.

So tweeps who do you want to win this contest? Place your bet now by following your choice.

Ashton Kutcher Vs CNN.

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Woohoo! Ashton Kutcher congratz the first to reach a 1 million twitter follower.

This is fun I might as well get my own twitter and I'll add you.