Ashton Kutcher, the Twitter King

Twitter 101: The God of Twitterlandia

It was Thursday evening that Ashton Kutcher finally grabbed the title as the undisputed King of Twitter when he made history by accumulating a million mark, the first ever single user account to reach 1 million followers and making him automatically, the victor for Twitter Most Popular contest against CNN.

Earlier, it was reported that Kutcher challenged CNN to race for the fastest to get the 1 million mark of which CNN happily accepted. CNN was the top Twitter user until that Thursday night.

A contest that stirred the entire cyber community and media as well as both parties has its own version of campaign and promotion to attract more followers.

Winner of the said contest will donate a 10,000 mosquito beds net to a charity to help eradicate Malaria while the loser pledged to donate 1,000.

As a result of this contest, the queen of talks Oprah Winfrey invited Kutcher and Twitter top man to her Oprah Winfrey Show and promises she will be posting her first Twitter message (tweet) during the show as she just have registered her own Twitter account.

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