Mikeyy in Twitterlandia

The reason I am not active with my blog these days because I’m on to another addiction (lols) aside from reading the Holy Book (Uh come on drop the eye brows now, I swear I won’t be forming any SECT after reading the books but ofcourse you can always come to me and ask for your much needed SALVATION haha).

So reading the scriptures is one and the other and my favorite, is to tweet. Accept it but Twitter is indeed a phenomenon, it’s like a virus that fast infects everyone on the net and I am one of the casualties.

I am sorry but from the moment it was introduced to me, I can’t help my BIRD from tweeting. The fun of meeting people from all over the globe sharing you with their thoughts is just an amazing experience, it simply contagious.

And yesterday while doing some tweets and retweets (RT) I had the chance to met Mikeyy and leaving my account in complete chaos. Mikeyy is a worm and that if a profile is infected the script will automatically create random tweets and sending them to everyone who follows that account (does it sounds annoying to you now?). It will also update your profile by saving the scripts on the NAME and WEB area of your profile.

Mikeyy can be acquired through clicking the link or by retweeting the infected tweets and also when getting to the profile being infected.

Yesterday’s worm was the fourth attempt by Mikeyy to sabotage twitter. The good news my profile is now, back to normal and I think Mikeyy is now at bay probably waiting for the next salvo.

So till then, watch out tweeps!

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