Ipapasa Ko'to Sa Facebook, Bwesit Ka

Before anything else. Yes - I told you before. I am an OFF and ON blogger and I am turning it ON now, Lol. After a long while - oh no, there is no kissing I assure you and although I came from a not so deep sleep. That's not the point. Haha.

Well, I just woke up yesterday and remember my blog. Yes, I have a blog - who would have thought of that? Lol. I have decided to change its layout. Although, for years I'm so in love with my then NEO Template but I guess, it's time to move on (hugot). As you can see, the page is not yet polished. There are more broken links than the actual contents. I'm still trying to figure out how to customize the new template and I might change the color theme. Mga Kwentong Ma Alamat is always associated with green, so might as well stick to it.

Now, dear readers - two of you I know (lol). Apologies for any unlikely instances you may encounter while visiting this page.

Now, let's get going and without any further ado. Let's talk about the viral video of a brother and his older sister having an argument. The sister gets annoyed when her brother making a face and disturbing her while singing to the song 'Noong Ako'y Bata Pa in front of a recorded camera which according to her, she will upload to Facebook.

It went viral because it's funny to the core with the way she uses the words, the gestures and ofcourse - the drama. See it yourself, here's the video.

Credits: Pinas Archive

Now tell me, truthfully. Oh you're grinning - no, that's not a grin. You are laughing. Lol.

Here's another treat from Yaya Dub and other parodies (dito tayo magaling eh, sa panggagaya, lol). Hilarious as the original.

Credits: All day ViralPH

Till then.

Ikaw ano ang kwentong alamat mo?